viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Quiz About Dickens

What do you know about Charles Dickens? Do you know where he was born? Who did he marry? Add comments with your questions and answers about Dickens. Let’s share our knowledge; any contribution is welcome. You can find lots of questions and answers about Dickens and his life here:
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You will also find a lot of them in the following blogs- in comments:
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jueves, 27 de enero de 2011


Here is an example of the game we are going to play- more or less- on Monday. Have a look: Jeopardy.
Remember the questions are being published in different blogs and you can have a look at most of them in the school hall.

domingo, 16 de enero de 2011

Tales of the Supernatural- Collocations

Here is an address you can use for collocations.
If we type tale, this is what you get

tale noun
ADJ. long, rambling | amazing, bizarre, curious, extraordinary, fantastic, magical, marvellous, strange | awful, dire, sad, sorry, terrible the sorry tale of his marriage breakdown | dreary She was tired of hearing the same dreary tale of drunkenness and violence. | chilling, gruesome, hair-raising, horror, macabre | mysterious, spooky | funny, humorous, witty | foolish | lurid, spicy, tawdry | fanciful, far-fetched, incredible, tall, unlikely a tall tale that would fool no one | old wives' | rags-to-riches the rags-to-riches tale of an orphan who becomes a star | epic, heroic an epic tale of courage and heroism | cautionary, moral, morality | folk, traditional | childhood | fairy (often figurative) Winning the French Open was a fairy-tale end to her career. | romantic
VERB + TALE narrate, regale sb with, relate, tell (sb) She regaled us with tales of her wild youth. | invent, make up, spin
TALE + VERB begin | unfold | concern sb/sth, involve sb/sth | be set in … a tale set in 19th-century Moscow | be based on sth
PREP. ~ about a tale about a hungry snake | ~ of tales of adventure the curious tale of the man who sold his hair
PHRASES a tale of woe (= about failure, bad luck, etc.), (have) a tale to tell Each of the survivors had a terrible tale to tell. | tell tales (= to say things about sb that are untrue or that they would prefer to be secret)

Choose some of these collocations and write sentences using them.

Tales of the Supernatural

Tales of the Supernatural. Book + CDC. Dickens, E.A. Poe, E. Nesbit, F.M. CrawfordRetold by Peter Foreman

Mystery & horror

Four chilling tales take you into a world where anything can happen.
Charles Dickens adds extra horror to his famous tale of a haunted railwayman. In Edgar Allan Poe’s classic story, ‘Ligeia’, the ghost of a beautiful woman returns and defeats death. E. Nesbit shows us how there really is a good reason to be scared of the dark. And F. M. Crawford tells of a ship’s passenger who encounters a horrible ‘thing’ in his cabin.