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Moonfleet activity

           I have chosen this picture when John cried
               because his aunt didnt want John in her house
               because he went to the Why Not Inn. she dont
               like people who goes to the inn. In this photo
               is John crying because of that.
                         I have chosen this part of the story and
               this picture because the form that the aunt of
               John reacted surprised me a lot.


Hombre_llorando : hombre joven triste ocultar un primer plano el rostro de su mano Foto de archivo

domingo, 8 de diciembre de 2013

I have chosen this picture because it reminds me the ship in page 97 (chapter 9).
This is one of my favourite parts in the story because John survives surprisingly; but Elzevir don't. This is also one of the saddest parts in the story because John realizes that Elzevir died when he wakes up in the floor of the Why Not Inn because Ratsey tolds him.
By: Nahuel Martín

Moonfleet Picture

Moonfleet Pictures

This picture is related with the Chapter 7:The well, reminds me when John goes down the well that was in Carisbrooke Castle to find the cursed diamond of  Mohune John.

This well is full of passages and doors, remind us a labyrinth.
In this part of the story, John went down 80 feet in depth to find the diamond, which was hidden behind a rock with a big Y engraved on it. 

Written by: Isabel Andaluz :)

viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013

                                      *MOONFLEET PICTURE*

As you can see the image is from the chapter 6 ''Blackbeard's Riddle''(Page 65) it is  a man looking at the forest it is similar when Jonh  was sitting in the cave .
I chose this picture because I remembered when Jonh was in the cave in a big storm reading a paper of Blackbeard's treasure and I think this picture can describe the photograph.

This photo represents John reading the paper that was inside the locket of Blackbeard Mohune while Ezelvir was outside looking for a ship to France. reading this paper John discovered the Blackbeard's secret... WHERE THE DIAMOND WAS HIDE!!!!!

I've choose this photo because I love mistery and I think John is a very intelligent person.


In this picture we can see a boy drowning,called John.He has just jumped from the ship that was going to send him and Elzevir to a farm.It was a storm so it was very difficult to going by ship.Suddenly Elzevir and John saw the Moonfleet Bay.The ship started sinking.The people that was there were terrified. Elzevir who lived his life in the sea tried to help them. Everyone except John and Elzevir wanted to get into the lifeboats. Elzevir said John that when he told him "Jump! " he should jump and get a rope thet people in the beach would throw. "Jump!"-shouted Elzevir.John jumped and got the rope. Elzevir wasn´nt as luckier as John. John got in the beach just when a big wave arrived to the beach. It dragged Elzevir to the sea. Elzevir drowned.John survived thanks to Elzevir.

I`ve choosen this picture because it represents the bravery of Elzevir. I think Elzevir was a great person because he saved the John live`s instead him`s. This is very epic and very generous.That`s why i`ve choosen this picture.This part appears in the chapter 9.

miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Moonfleet picture

Curchyard of Moonfleet.
In this picture we can see a lot of old tombstones. I think is in a curchyard or a cemetery that is looking at a village.

This picture represents chapter two, when John is siting in the curchyard on a stone looking at the sea, he saw there were a lot of cracks because of the floods and bad weather of November. 
He notice that one crack got bigger and looked down, he saw that it was like a small hole. 
He was very excited when he saw something under the tomb!

martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013

              MOONFLEET  PICTURE                    


This pictures are related with the Chapter 2 in Moonfleet . " Noisy Coffins " . In this chapter at nine o´clock very few people came to the church on Sunday . When Mr Glennie started his sermon , they Heard a strange noise under the church . John thought that was the tombs of the Mohunes . Everybody was frightened in the church . But nobody know nothing about the noisy coffins ..



In this picture we can see the diamond dealer, called Aldobran, that John and Elzevir chose to sell their diamond. Most of the people thought that this diamond dealer was the best but when he sees the diamond he says it´s only a piece of glass and that he could only pay 10 pounds for it.Then elzevir gets very angry because he had done a very big effort to find it and now he would only get 10 pounds for it so he threw the diamond through the window. Then John tells Elzebir that he saw in the face of Aldobran that he was lying and the diamond was very expensive. When John and Elzevir went back to the dealer´s house to recover the diamond Aldroban had already taken it. When Aldroban saw John and Elzevir he called the security and Elzevir fought bravely but then they lose the diamond.At the end when Aldroban dies the diamond goes to John and he use it to help the poor.

This happens in chapter 8.I´ve chosen this picture because I really care about the avarice of the world .

By: Sergio Martínez Rubio

moonfleet picture
This image is from chapter 4.
in the picture we can see the crypt were John can`t scape. In chapter 3 he went there to find the Blackbeard`s treasure.
in chapter 4 he was there and he didn't know how much time pass from he was there.
 he didn`t know what to do and each day that pass he was more hungry and thirsty and one of the days he fainted end when he wake up he saw a sunny room and he know that it was his aunt house.

lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013


This picture represents the part of the story when John and Elzevir accompanied by a soldier of the Carisbrooke Castle arrived to the well and John got into it to find the diamond.
In the picture we can see a boy, John, who is inside a big bucket going down into a well, John was looking downwards. When he was almost arriving at the end of the well, he found the letter "Y" written in a stone of the well, it was the symbol of the Mohunes! He took out the stone and he saw a small hole and put his fingers inside and took out a small bag. He opened it and found the diamond which was as big as a walnut.
After this, John and Elzevir had lots of problems because of the diamond, they found thieves, they had a problem with a ship... But at the end there are no problems and everything is solved.
By Andrea Gonzalez Iglesias 1ºD




I´ve found this great image while I was surfing the net i i thought that would be great for this chapter.
As you can see, the first image is related whith the chapter 9 of Moonfleet, A storm at sea, when Jonh Trenchard scape to Moonfleet.
In the picture you can see a great ship, called schooner, from 1500 more or less,in the middle of a brave storm in the Atlantic Ocean, when explorers travel from Europe to America. 
The second one, is more recently, from 2000 maybe, and is a fishing ship, also in the middle of a storm in the Pacific Ocean, whith this HUGE WAVES.





This picture shows the part of the book on Chapter 4 when John woke up and saw that he was in the Why Not Inn. Then Elzevir entered in the room where Jonh was and gave him some soup. First, John was very afraid because when he went to the crypt he heard the voices of Elzevir and Ratsey discussing about who was going to kill Magistrate Maskew. He became frightened but later when Elzevir told him all the truth he understood him and then Elzevir became such as a father for John.
I have chosen this picture because I quite liked to find out that there was a group of smugglers in the story. So this makes the story much  more interesting to read and I love the way Elzevir treats John when he discovered all the truth.
Published by Diego Rodríguez

Moonfleet´s picture

These picture represent a part  of the chapter three,when John was in the dark passage and he saw Blackbeard´s coffin. He opened it and found a locket around his neck.John decided to keep it because inside,  there was a yellow paper with some letters and John thought that the words probably keep bad spirits away.

In these picture you can see dark passage  only iluminated by a candle with a coffin in the middle and John looking at it.
I have chosen this picture because it is my favourite part of the book and it was very interesting when john saw that he was locked. 
By Marta Ceballos