sábado, 19 de noviembre de 2011

Haunted Houses

Jaime Moreno

David Palomo
This year we have just designed a haunted house; next year, who knows? Be careful if you are near the school in Halloween!
Thanks to Jaime Moreno and David Palomo! You've done a superb job!

I'd like to thank Mercedes- ICT teacher. She's helped us to publish these beautiful drawings!

domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Charleen's Life

Dear readers;
We hope that you like this article about Charleen.
Her name is Charleen Mc Clure.She was born In London.
She is 23 years old.She was born in July 13th 1988.Her parents are Jamaicans.They are called Rohan and Sylvia.Her sister name is Ronet and her brothers's name are London and Darryl.
When she was five years old she moved to Atlanta (Georgia).Her grandfather was Scotish and that's why her surname is Mc Clure.
Her favourite fruit is the Mango.Her favourite food is the pizza.She likes jazzand her favourite jazz singers are Billy Holidays and Ella Fritzgerald.tha favourite film of Charleen is "Pulp Fiction" and her favourite book is "Their eyes were watching God".
Her hobbies are playing the piano ,basketball and travelling(she has been in 10 countries).
She speaks 2 languages.She likes ballet,funky and flamenco.
She studied in in Mc Eachen high school.She studied english literature and science .

miércoles, 2 de noviembre de 2011


Charleen's Life

Her name is Charleen Mc.Clure.She was born in London,but she moved to Georgia when she was 5 years.Now she is 23 years old.Her parents are Rohan and Silvia and they are from Jamaica.She also has three brotherscalled Darryl,who is 20 years;Ronet,he is 11 years;and her sister London,who is 10 years old.

She likes playing the piano,reading,dancing and watching films.Her favorite Jazz singers is Ella Etroendl and Billy Holiday.Her favorite film is "Pulp Fiction",she also likes watching TV.Her favorite TV show is "Luther".She likes pop music,rock,rap,jazz and old music.Her favorite book is"Their Eyes were Watching God"by Zora Neals.She likes eating pizza and she likes mango fruit.

She studied in the university Mc Eachen.It was very big and nice so she liked it very much.She also likes playing basketball.Her favorite basketball team is Celtics.

She has visited Mexico,England,Spain and France.

I hope that she comes here next year again.

By Alex

Group:Alex.Jaime,Jesús and SergioM.