domingo, 6 de noviembre de 2011

Charleen's Life

Dear readers;
We hope that you like this article about Charleen.
Her name is Charleen Mc Clure.She was born In London.
She is 23 years old.She was born in July 13th 1988.Her parents are Jamaicans.They are called Rohan and Sylvia.Her sister name is Ronet and her brothers's name are London and Darryl.
When she was five years old she moved to Atlanta (Georgia).Her grandfather was Scotish and that's why her surname is Mc Clure.
Her favourite fruit is the Mango.Her favourite food is the pizza.She likes jazzand her favourite jazz singers are Billy Holidays and Ella Fritzgerald.tha favourite film of Charleen is "Pulp Fiction" and her favourite book is "Their eyes were watching God".
Her hobbies are playing the piano ,basketball and travelling(she has been in 10 countries).
She speaks 2 languages.She likes ballet,funky and flamenco.
She studied in in Mc Eachen high school.She studied english literature and science .

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