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PART H: I entered through the right door and I found a room. I was so scared but in the room there was a door. When I entered, I was out of the house and I saw a boy that was lost in the forest. He said to me that he was lost and he went with me. We were walking in the forest, when we saw the same man that was in the house. We ran away and in the jungle we found a phanter that killed the man that wanted to kill us. We ran away; later we found a river with a canoe; we got in the canoe and we went  down the river. We found two crocodriles that want to killied us we go out of the canoe into the land and we run away and we see a houses; we entered and I saw a map that said that if I went to the X, my friend and me would live with a person in a village . I did all that the map said: I crossed a river with piranhas, I collected 200 of mushrooms and I climbed a mountain , and eventually iI was in the X of the map. Finally the owner of the map was  my friend's father- the friend that I found in the jungle. I went  to his house to live with him and his family.

Part U. Rubén

When you started running to the village, your leg started to hurt,so you had to sit next to a tree to see your leg. The man that went with you  saw your leg  was bleeding again,  he put some water in the wound,and with his t-shirt  bandaged your leg. You said that you was hungry and the man also, so he went to look for something to eat. You could not go with the man because your leg hurt. The man returned with a dead boar to eat in his hands.
When the night fell, you had to sleep with the man next to a tree. When dawn came, you didn`t know where you were, and the man wasn't there, so you were lost in the black forest. You continued a path andyou saw a footprint of a horse in the floor. You followed the footprint and you heard the scream of a boy. You ran in the path and you saw hijackers with the man prisioner in a cave, and you hid behind bushes. When the hijackers went out, you went into the cave to rescue the man. The man and you ran away of this  place. You heard some voices , you hid behind the bushes and the hijackers followed the path. You saw a snake and you screamed; the man and you jumped downhill and  landed in a lake. You had pain all over your body because of the jump. You hid to watch the hijackers, they didn`t see you  and they went to the forest. You saw another path and walked along it very carefully. The next day, there was a terrible storm with a lot of wind and with a lot of rain. The next morning there were a lot of trees on the path, a rock fell, and you had to draw a lot of objects, animals , rocks... You continued in the same path and five hours and a half later, you got to the village.


She was glued to the ceiling of the room. You heard a voice that was saying that if you wanted to go out of that room you would have to pick up a key to get out of the castle of evil where there were many ghosts. She was very scared, and did not know what to do. "Take the key out of the castle or die directly", the voice was saying the same thing  for a few minutos. She died because she decided she had to tear her skin to get the key . The girl was completely traumatized by what they had to do.But he began to hear extremely loud noises.She thought it would be another ghost that wanted to kill them, but realized that the ghost in this case did not wanted to kill, but to help them. Finally, the ghost helped them and she was not kidnapped.

PART P Ricardo Garcia

You took the knife scared, it was really sharp.When a big voice told you:
-Can you help me to cut this apple?
-Be careful with the knife,it's very sharp.
-Yes, you've realised it.
You cut the apple and when you finished, you dropped the knife and it dropped on his foot. Then you ran away with the apple in your hands and with the scare in your body.
He went behind you with the knife in his foot.He was bleeding. Then he fell on the floor,and said ,"I will kill you!!!!"
Later you arrived at a big cliff with lava on the floor.You were thinking of a way of going out of there.You were scared because your father had told you that there were many dragons that spit fire;  the man took you.You died because he  threw you down the cliff and you died three minutes later after falling to the ground.

Part.S - Cristina

Then you went to the couch and you thought one second in the events that had passed... Suddenly you heard a strange sound. It became from the last room. You decided to go to the "last" room. When you were there you saw .... a terrible thing .All the things of the room were floating in the air. And...there was a black cat died. You ran out of the house. You were very frightened , also, when you ran something horrible took you , and when you thought that was any possibilities of survive you woke up and you were in your bedroom.Everything was normal in the correct place and there was not trace of blood.You came to the conclusion that there was only a bad nigthmare , however... you saw a red stain on your T-shirt...but did you really thought that there were only a bad nigthmare?? The End

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PART V: Estrella

The old man I met told me an unbelievable story about how he and his friends arrived there. He explained to me that he was so tired that they decided it would be better if he stayed in the cave and the other men, younger than he, looked for help outside.
Suddenly, while we were talking, a strong noise interrupted our conversation. It looked as an earthquake but something impressive was happening. An enormous dinosaur had opened a big hole on the top of the cave and it was trying to find something to feed himself.
We hid immediatly in a dark corner and we were waiting there until that creature disappeared. Then we could escape.
"In few words, this is going to be the story for my next novel", the explorer said.


  • You saw  fear in her eyes. She told you that someone had hit her. You did not believe her because there was not anyone in the castle. Her parents had gone. You thought she had fallen or something like that. But she was afraid, so, maybe she could be telling the truth. You entered the kitchen to see if there was somebody, there but there was not. Suddenly, you heard some noises. They were like screams of terror. They were from the girl! They came from upstairs. When you entered the room, she was flying. You thought you were dreaming but you weren't. The first thing that came to your mind was that in that strange castle there were ghosts, but it could only happen in books and films, not in reality. The girl was desperate because she couldn't go down. You tried to help her getting up to the bed but you couldn't. She was stuck to the ceiling.

Finallly she could go down after 15 minutes of terror. You asked her what had hapenned and she told you that she didn't know. Then a man entered and hit you with a glass bottle in your head .
If you want the girl to be kidnapped, go to O.

If you don't want the girl to be kidnapped, go to Y.

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Part L.Candela

So you told her that if she gave you breakfast,and told you where you were,you were going to give her a doll ,a big and beautiful doll. "And... how will you get a doll?"She asked. "I am going to buy it- You knew that you didn´t have any money to buy it,but you lied because you wanted a breakfast and mainly you wanted to know where you were. Minutes after, you had breakfast and the girl told you, " -Now, you have to give me a new doll". "First, you have to tell me one thing, do you remember?," I replied. "NO!!I´m not going to tell you anything if you don´t give me a doll!!!",the girl said angrily because she started to think that you didn´t have any money to buy a new doll. You refused to buy a doll if she didn´t tell you where you were. The girl told you that if at midnight she didn´t have her doll, you would die. You didn´t believe her so you went to walk around the town, but before, you told her that you were going to buy a doll. You returned to the castle at about 00:30, thinking that the girl would be sleeping,and that nothing would happen to you. But you were wrong. When you were sleeping, the girl appeared in the room where you were with a knife and she stabbed you. END

Part W. Laura

PART-W You were running, but you didn't know where you were and you saw a house at the top of the mountain. You ran to the house but the zombies followed you; you ran and ran but when you entered  the house... You saw that there were ZOMBIES too!!You didn't know what to do and you ran again but your leg was bad and also you were tired,very tired. You hid in avery big  tree; the zombies didn't know where you were , and they ran thinking that they were following you,. Suddenly, you saw a passage on the tree and you entered; there was avery big  book in the centre. You went to the book and suddenly a zombie appeared and wanted to kill you with a gun; but in that moment you remembered one karate  lesson that you practised when you were a child. Then you defeated the zombie and took the book. You ran and ran ,but that village was haunted : the person who entered couldn't leave and finally became zombies. In that moment all the zombies wanted to kill you to make you one of them. They killed you and you became a ZOMBIE! END!

Part R. Sara

You got frightened, but later you realised that you didn´t have anywhere else to go, so you decided to stay in the house and spend the night there.A few minutes later you started to feel cold and bored, so you went to the kitchen to cook the dinner for that night. When you got there, suddenly, the door closed behind you, and you looked terrified as the knife began to float pointing at you; you tried to open the door but you couldn´t and when the knife was thrown at you, you hid under a table and the knife stuck in it. Then, you broke the door and got out of the kitchen; you thought that it was impossible that the knif flew with no one holding it, but you didn´t believe in ghosts so you got to the conclusion that it was your imagination, but as a precaution, you did not return to the kitchen.
Later, you went to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and there you saw that the mirror was fogged and that an invible finger was writing some words in it, that were ´YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE ADVISED YOU TO GO OUT OF THIS HOUSE!`. You got even more and more frightened as time went on, but you couldn´t get out of the house because you didn´t have anywhere else to go at that time of the night. And at 12:00 am, when you were going to sleep on the sofa because you didn´t want to occupy the room of the house owners (just in case they arrived that night). You saw a door next to the kitchen that you hadn´t seen before, it was on the right of the kitchen door and it was a little bit different from the other doors of the house.

If you want to enter into the kitchen´s right door, go to C

If you want to sleep on the sofa and forget about the door, go to S

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Part K. Victor

You entered the right hand cave and you were outside! But again you were lost in the middle of the forest. You started walking around without knowing where you were going to appear, when you saw an arrow that had been drawn in the side of a tree. It was pointing forward so you went there. You continued walking and ten minutes later, you saw another arrow now pointing to the left. You were so tired but you kept walking a little when you saw a house; it looked like yours but you knew it wasn`t.
You went into that house and when you were inside, you said, "Is somebody there?"But nobody answered you. You were alone in the house, so you went upstairs.There was an open door  so you went into the room. You thought that  it should be where he worked because there were a lot of papers with writings. You looked at one of them to know what it was about and you were really scared when you finished reading it. The reason was that he was an assassin! In the writing, you read the names of all the people he had killed. You threw the paper to the floor and tried to run out of the house but you heard the door open. The man was there! So you went to hide somewhere and you found two doors.

-If you want to enter the left door, choose D.
-If you want to enter the right door, choose H



OHHH ! Sorry , you have chosen Z . Do you remember?
You were hiding in the forest , and you were lost in it.
You are now in the beginning of the story!

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When you came to the village, you were very tired. As you had really a problem in your leg, you decided to go to a doctor.
You found a clinic at the end of the village. When you entered the clinic, you felt something strange. Suddenly, out of a room, a doctor with a scalpel tried to cut you. You escaped upstairs and walked into a room.
There was a lady in a bed. You came to her for help, but the woman got up very quickly with a knife. She wanted to kill you
!.You screamed, and went running downstairs again. The doctor  had a swollen face and red eyes. He seemed crazy.
You escaped from the clinic and saw three other people that wanted to catch you. And also they were "dead". They were zombies! . Both ran to some bushes and saw you hiding.

· If you want them to catch you, choose W

· Another possibility, choose Z


You went to the kitchen with the girl and there she gave you some cereals with milk.You started eating, but you discovered that they weren't cereals: they were worms.You closed your eyes and when you opened them again, you were back in bed and you said,

"-Thanks God, it was a dream."

You woke up again and looked through the window and you saw that it had stopped raning; now it was only cloudy and foggy.You also saw a very, very big garden with a lot of beautiful flowers, a swing in the middle and a "the last night girl" swinging on it.You quickly went downstairs to ask her where you were. When you got there, the girl was not on the swing and she scared you because she was behind a plant and you asked her,

"-Please, tell me; where am I?"

"-No you didn't give me my doll; now, these are the consequences..." she replied.

·If you want to convince the girl to buy one, go to L.
- If you don't want like dolls and you didn't buy the girl one, go to Z1·



"Be careful with the knife,it´s very sharp".These words were the last words that I said,why? Because the kid started to get mad and crazier. The kid started to run,and run and suddenly he stood in front of you and said you were going to be chosen to be...
To be killed.You started to scream, to hit the windows and the door hoping that someone would hear you. Nobody did so, five minutes later, you were dead. Two months later the police found your dead body in the room, you had been stabbed.


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Part M Abel

The man didn´t want to continue so I didn´t know what to do. If I left him there,I was going to feel bad , but if I stayed there with him, I'd die. I decided to leave him there and run out of  there the fastest I could.
There were two doors and the two had inscriptions. The one of the left said: ONLY THE GOOD CAN SURVIVE . And the one of the right said: THE WEAK MUST DIE. I went to the one on the left and there was the man in a corner and in the other corner there was an exit.I ran to the exit but the door closed. I finally understood the inscription , it was very easy . I had to take the man out with me. But I hadn't done it  so I was going to die there with the man.

Part J Lydia

You chose the left exit.When you started to walk, you stumbled upon something that was on the ground; it was a still body! When you saw it, you shouted,the still body was of a young boy.
You thought he was dead. You touched it and the boy shouted: He was sleeping! You talked to him and you asked what he was  doing there. He told you that he was with two friends, they were in a trip and they were lost. But you asked him where his friends were, and he answered you that the night before his friends had gone to get some food and had not  returned yet. You told him that his friends were not going to return and he started crying.
You tried to calm him down but it was impossible; moreover, he started saying that he was going to die,...
You told him not to worry that both of you were going to leave there and he was going to see his friends again.
"Do you want to come with me to see if we get out?", you asked him.

-If you want the boy to stay in the cave, go to V
-If you want the boy to get out go to, go to M

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PART Q Sergio Mansilla

When you went out of the house, you started walking to the north. After twenty minutes, you saw something strange behind some trees, it was a small tortoise that had a message on the shell: "FOLLOW ME TO GET TO THE VILLAGE".You started following the tortoise; when it stopped, you went to take water but it was in the other side of a cliff, so you needed to climb it. When you got there, there was a big waterfall.
When you returned, you saw that the tortoise wasn´t there so you continued walking in the direction you were walking before. Then, you saw an easy tree to climb and when you got to the top, you saw a small village two hours away. While you were going down from the tree, a snake bit you in your right leg but you were very lucky because it wasn´t poisonous.
At night, you made a bed with leaves. When you woke up, the leg was a little bit red but you were able to walk. You saw a man that was very far away from the village and he helped you to walk. The man that was helping you touched some carnivorous plants and you started to run holding his hand. When you stopped running, you saw that your leg was bleeding so you needed to stop to rest in the shadow of a tree and drink the water you took from the waterfall. When you started walking again, you saw that the village was quite near so you started running.

If you want to get lost, choose U

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Part D. Richard

You entered the left door, and what you saw was incredible. There were lots of drawings.
They were beautiful,and in all of them there were numbers in the lower part.One of them said $2.000, you thought,"... of course, that's the price", in all of them except one.It was a strange drawing: it was a big key; inside that one, there was smaller one and then another one,another again and again.Then you realised that the samallest key in the painting was a real key, and you took the key.Later, you realised that there was a lock in the lower part,so you tried with your key and it worked : the floor started shining and it drew a word. You could read: UP! You were nervous but, you looked up. You could see a big painting, the size was not normal for a painting. IT WAS YOU! It was a painting of you,with a knife in your chest and you were bleeding. You ran away but you tripped with something, you looked and you saw a knife. Suddenly, you saw everything as if they were knives. You looked up and saw the same kid you had seen before and he said,
"-Can you help me to cut this apple? Be careful with the knife, it's very sharp."

If you want to help the kid, choose N
If you want to run away, choose P

Part E Alejandro.M

It started to rain, so you went into the cave.This cave was very dark, and you took out a flashlight; when you had taken it, you realised that it didn´t have battery so you remembered that you had 4 matches in you pocket , and you lit one of them.You didn´t know what to do so you went to explore the cave.You were walking about 3 hours, and you didn't see anything and you couldn't find a way out.You stopped to rest; when you were going to sit down on the floor, you poked your bottom with something. You turned around to see what it was, you saw that it was a skeleton. You began to run to the exit; however, a big earthquake started, and a lot of rocks and stones began to fall from the roof of the cave. A stone fell on your head and you remained unconscious. When your conscious came round, you couldn´t believe the exit was blocked with a lot of rocks and stones, so you went back into the cave.
You were very tired, so you looked for a place to sleep and you found a rock; after 10 mitutes, you were asleep.
When you woke up, you had a big headache and you were very hungry. You decided to continue walking.When you were walking, you found a lot of spiders, snakes, ...etc disgusting and terrifying animals. After a long walk, you stopped and sat down- but before sitting down, you checked if there was something on the foor.Later you heard a weird sound, you stood up and went to investigate. Finally, you found an exit but, there was a problem: there were two exits; one on the right and another on the left.
  • If you want to go to the left cave, go to J
  • If you what to go to the right cave, go to K

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You went to the right door,opened it so slowly and saw a sad girl playing with some dolls. You asked she if knew where you could sleep but she stayed quiet and went to another room. You followed her and saw a big bedroom,with some blood spots in the bed so you got out of the room terrified.When you heard a shout,  you didn't know where the shout came from. Later,when you got calm, you entered  the room and saw the girl on the floor looking at  you with terrible eyes.She said to you something with a soft voice but you didn't know what because she spoke so softly.Suddenly, she stood up and went to her parents' room but it was lonely.You asked the girl that if she got you a good place to sleep, you would give her a beautiful doll. She went with you to a room, she asked for the doll but you sayidthat you didn't have any. She got angry and went away fast. You went to sleep.
In the middle of the night, there was a storm and you woke up. You heard some steps, you went out of the room and you saw a ghost. You were very scared, went to the bed and tried to sleep but, half hour later, you heard some strange noises in other rooms. Finally you fell sleep. The next day, you wanted to eat something in the castle but you didn't know who to ask. You heard one voice and you saw the girl with a black eye and somes scratches.

If you want to go with the girl to the kitchen to eat something,  go to Z

If you want to see the owners of the castle, go to G

Part F.Miriam

You were afraid and didn't know what to do; at the end, you decided to explore in the forest. After a walk of 3 hours, you realised that you didn't find anything, no clues, no people. You were desperate and the worst thing was that you were lost inside a black forest, with no house and no food. You were tired, so you decided to rest for 30 minutes.Later, you decided to continue walking. And after an hour, you discovered a house,so you went into it. This house was a beautiful house; it was very little, but it seemed comfortable. The house had four small rooms: a bathroom, a kitchen, a living room and a bedroom.You went into the bedroom and you discovered that a message was written on the wall .On the message you could read, "GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DIE".

If you want to stay in the house, go to R
If you want to get out of the house, go to Q

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Part B. Dani .

You decided to wait until the fog went off. Then, you started to walk around the castle, but there was nobody else, or even a clue, nothing. You walked again into the forest, it was getting very dark, so you slept behind a tree.
When you woke up, you weren't in the same place. You were tied to a tree, and three tall men were watching you. You tried to untie yourself, but it was imposible. One of the men untied you, and took you to talk to 'The Leader', that was the most important person in the group. When you were standing in front of him, you ran away into the forest, the fastest you could. Five men were chasing you also very fast, but when they were going to catch you, you hid behind a hedge, and nobody saw you.
10 minutes later, you went out of your hiding place, and you walked again into the forest, where you found many animals that hide from you, the trees died when you passed them, and the green color of the forest became black. As if all the sites where you passed became dead.
A few minutes later, you found a cave.

If you want to go inside the cave, choose E

If you want to continue exploring, choose F

Part A.Jorge

AYou went to the castle to see if there was someone ... You slowly opened  the creaking door and the first thing you saw was  a young boy. You asked him who else lived in that castle and if you could stay for a night .. but the only thing the child said was that he wanted to play hide and seek; and at the same time she ran along the long, dark corridor.You were chasing him and shouting him to come back, but he knew all the parts of the castle so you got lost and went into a large room full of mirrors, where there seemed to be no way out. The lamps were very old and the room was only lit by candles, some of which went off without reason.You looked in the mirror and you felt watched. You observed the old portraits around the room  and it seemed that people in the pictures wanted to warn you that the castle was hiding something odd .You were getting nervous and you needed urgently to find a way out ... but it seemed that the room didn't have a way out. Everything got dark and you started to feel the lack of oxygen ...When it seemed that you were fainting, You could open a door and a breath of fresh air invited you to leave your room in search of freedom.Then you saw two doors.

If you want to go inside the right door choose C
If you want to go inside the left door choose D