martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Part A.Jorge

AYou went to the castle to see if there was someone ... You slowly opened  the creaking door and the first thing you saw was  a young boy. You asked him who else lived in that castle and if you could stay for a night .. but the only thing the child said was that he wanted to play hide and seek; and at the same time she ran along the long, dark corridor.You were chasing him and shouting him to come back, but he knew all the parts of the castle so you got lost and went into a large room full of mirrors, where there seemed to be no way out. The lamps were very old and the room was only lit by candles, some of which went off without reason.You looked in the mirror and you felt watched. You observed the old portraits around the room  and it seemed that people in the pictures wanted to warn you that the castle was hiding something odd .You were getting nervous and you needed urgently to find a way out ... but it seemed that the room didn't have a way out. Everything got dark and you started to feel the lack of oxygen ...When it seemed that you were fainting, You could open a door and a breath of fresh air invited you to leave your room in search of freedom.Then you saw two doors.

If you want to go inside the right door choose C
If you want to go inside the left door choose D

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