viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Part E Alejandro.M

It started to rain, so you went into the cave.This cave was very dark, and you took out a flashlight; when you had taken it, you realised that it didn´t have battery so you remembered that you had 4 matches in you pocket , and you lit one of them.You didn´t know what to do so you went to explore the cave.You were walking about 3 hours, and you didn't see anything and you couldn't find a way out.You stopped to rest; when you were going to sit down on the floor, you poked your bottom with something. You turned around to see what it was, you saw that it was a skeleton. You began to run to the exit; however, a big earthquake started, and a lot of rocks and stones began to fall from the roof of the cave. A stone fell on your head and you remained unconscious. When your conscious came round, you couldn´t believe the exit was blocked with a lot of rocks and stones, so you went back into the cave.
You were very tired, so you looked for a place to sleep and you found a rock; after 10 mitutes, you were asleep.
When you woke up, you had a big headache and you were very hungry. You decided to continue walking.When you were walking, you found a lot of spiders, snakes, ...etc disgusting and terrifying animals. After a long walk, you stopped and sat down- but before sitting down, you checked if there was something on the foor.Later you heard a weird sound, you stood up and went to investigate. Finally, you found an exit but, there was a problem: there were two exits; one on the right and another on the left.
  • If you want to go to the left cave, go to J
  • If you what to go to the right cave, go to K

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