sábado, 26 de marzo de 2011

Part K. Victor

You entered the right hand cave and you were outside! But again you were lost in the middle of the forest. You started walking around without knowing where you were going to appear, when you saw an arrow that had been drawn in the side of a tree. It was pointing forward so you went there. You continued walking and ten minutes later, you saw another arrow now pointing to the left. You were so tired but you kept walking a little when you saw a house; it looked like yours but you knew it wasn`t.
You went into that house and when you were inside, you said, "Is somebody there?"But nobody answered you. You were alone in the house, so you went upstairs.There was an open door  so you went into the room. You thought that  it should be where he worked because there were a lot of papers with writings. You looked at one of them to know what it was about and you were really scared when you finished reading it. The reason was that he was an assassin! In the writing, you read the names of all the people he had killed. You threw the paper to the floor and tried to run out of the house but you heard the door open. The man was there! So you went to hide somewhere and you found two doors.

-If you want to enter the left door, choose D.
-If you want to enter the right door, choose H

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