martes, 29 de marzo de 2011


PART H: I entered through the right door and I found a room. I was so scared but in the room there was a door. When I entered, I was out of the house and I saw a boy that was lost in the forest. He said to me that he was lost and he went with me. We were walking in the forest, when we saw the same man that was in the house. We ran away and in the jungle we found a phanter that killed the man that wanted to kill us. We ran away; later we found a river with a canoe; we got in the canoe and we went  down the river. We found two crocodriles that want to killied us we go out of the canoe into the land and we run away and we see a houses; we entered and I saw a map that said that if I went to the X, my friend and me would live with a person in a village . I did all that the map said: I crossed a river with piranhas, I collected 200 of mushrooms and I climbed a mountain , and eventually iI was in the X of the map. Finally the owner of the map was  my friend's father- the friend that I found in the jungle. I went  to his house to live with him and his family.

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