viernes, 18 de marzo de 2011

Part D. Richard

You entered the left door, and what you saw was incredible. There were lots of drawings.
They were beautiful,and in all of them there were numbers in the lower part.One of them said $2.000, you thought,"... of course, that's the price", in all of them except one.It was a strange drawing: it was a big key; inside that one, there was smaller one and then another one,another again and again.Then you realised that the samallest key in the painting was a real key, and you took the key.Later, you realised that there was a lock in the lower part,so you tried with your key and it worked : the floor started shining and it drew a word. You could read: UP! You were nervous but, you looked up. You could see a big painting, the size was not normal for a painting. IT WAS YOU! It was a painting of you,with a knife in your chest and you were bleeding. You ran away but you tripped with something, you looked and you saw a knife. Suddenly, you saw everything as if they were knives. You looked up and saw the same kid you had seen before and he said,
"-Can you help me to cut this apple? Be careful with the knife, it's very sharp."

If you want to help the kid, choose N
If you want to run away, choose P

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