miércoles, 16 de marzo de 2011


You went to the right door,opened it so slowly and saw a sad girl playing with some dolls. You asked she if knew where you could sleep but she stayed quiet and went to another room. You followed her and saw a big bedroom,with some blood spots in the bed so you got out of the room terrified.When you heard a shout,  you didn't know where the shout came from. Later,when you got calm, you entered  the room and saw the girl on the floor looking at  you with terrible eyes.She said to you something with a soft voice but you didn't know what because she spoke so softly.Suddenly, she stood up and went to her parents' room but it was lonely.You asked the girl that if she got you a good place to sleep, you would give her a beautiful doll. She went with you to a room, she asked for the doll but you sayidthat you didn't have any. She got angry and went away fast. You went to sleep.
In the middle of the night, there was a storm and you woke up. You heard some steps, you went out of the room and you saw a ghost. You were very scared, went to the bed and tried to sleep but, half hour later, you heard some strange noises in other rooms. Finally you fell sleep. The next day, you wanted to eat something in the castle but you didn't know who to ask. You heard one voice and you saw the girl with a black eye and somes scratches.

If you want to go with the girl to the kitchen to eat something,  go to Z

If you want to see the owners of the castle, go to G

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