lunes, 28 de marzo de 2011


  • You saw  fear in her eyes. She told you that someone had hit her. You did not believe her because there was not anyone in the castle. Her parents had gone. You thought she had fallen or something like that. But she was afraid, so, maybe she could be telling the truth. You entered the kitchen to see if there was somebody, there but there was not. Suddenly, you heard some noises. They were like screams of terror. They were from the girl! They came from upstairs. When you entered the room, she was flying. You thought you were dreaming but you weren't. The first thing that came to your mind was that in that strange castle there were ghosts, but it could only happen in books and films, not in reality. The girl was desperate because she couldn't go down. You tried to help her getting up to the bed but you couldn't. She was stuck to the ceiling.

Finallly she could go down after 15 minutes of terror. You asked her what had hapenned and she told you that she didn't know. Then a man entered and hit you with a glass bottle in your head .
If you want the girl to be kidnapped, go to O.

If you don't want the girl to be kidnapped, go to Y.

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