martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Part.S - Cristina

Then you went to the couch and you thought one second in the events that had passed... Suddenly you heard a strange sound. It became from the last room. You decided to go to the "last" room. When you were there you saw .... a terrible thing .All the things of the room were floating in the air. And...there was a black cat died. You ran out of the house. You were very frightened , also, when you ran something horrible took you , and when you thought that was any possibilities of survive you woke up and you were in your bedroom.Everything was normal in the correct place and there was not trace of blood.You came to the conclusion that there was only a bad nigthmare , however... you saw a red stain on your T-shirt...but did you really thought that there were only a bad nigthmare?? The End

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