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                  THANKS GIVING    !!!!!!!!!!!!!       

                                         This isn´t just a turkey
as anyone can see,
I´ve made it with my hands
which is a part of me,
It comes with lots of love
specially to say,
I hope you have a very happy



We a new assistant , she´s a great person . She is called Sarah Carson .

She is from Leicester , which is in the U.K . She is 22 years . She has a sister called Joana , she is 20 years old . Sarah likes skiing in her free time , and she likes travelling . She likes spending time with her fiends and she likes eating ; her favourite food is pizza or steack . She never had a pet ; and her favourite animal is the cat . She likes so much trampoling .


Her favourite film is Toy Story 2 . And her favourite director film is Richard Curtis . She likes so much Taylor Sweet . Her favourite color is red . And her favourite city is New York . She loves  Spain , and she likes swimming in the beach .






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Spanish food: paella
Our language assistant is called Sarah. She is 26 years old and she is from Leicester (UK). She has a younger sister called Joanah who is 20 years old. 
She studied at university literature. She graduated at Durham University. Durham university is in the north of England. She speaks Itallian, French and English.

She loves Spain. What she most like of Spain is Spanish culture and food. She loves travelling and her favourite city is New York. She doesn´t have a pet.
She quite likes skiing and she plays a lots of sports¡ She plays trampoline, athletics and tennis.
Her favourites film´s director is Richard Cortis and her favourite film is Toy Story 2. He likes listening to Tylor Swift. She loves eating such as steaks and burgers¡ Her favourite color is red.
Sarah is a great person and I want to learn about her¡
Published and written by Diego Rodríguez



This year we will have a language assitant from Chicago. She is a great person and she is called Brianna.
She is called Brianna Smith and she was born on 18th September in a city near Chicago called St Charles.  Nowadays she is 26 years old. She has one older brother called Nick and one young sister called Ari. She also has two dogs, one of the dogs is called Guiness.
Brianna loves sports.  Her favourite sports are tennis, soccer and frisbee. In her free time, she likes to play the piano, the violin and  the harp . She likes all type of music except country music. She enjoys reading and watching films. Her faourite book is Pillars of the Earth and her favourite film is Shawshank Rodemption. She quite likes Mexican food and special Chicago's pizza¡
When she was young she went at St. Charles North highschool in St. Charles. In the high school she participated in a jazz band with her teenmates. At university she studied music but nowadays is an English teacher. She spent three years and a half teaching Little kids in Viena (Austria). She came to Madrid last summer. What she most likes of Madrid is Casa de Campo and paella¡ We're surprised at that because Casa de Campo isn't the most beautiful thing in Madrid¡
That´s all about Brianna; she is a great person and we want to learn a lot of her¡
Published by Diego Rodríguez
Written by Sergio Vellisca, Diego Rodríguez, Isabel Rodríguez y Cristina Zegarra.
We hope you like it¡


Hello boys and girls.Here we have a great song.I expect that you like it.HAVE FUN: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8jGOc0P5DEI
And here I have a great poem that our teacher give us. here you have:

This isn´t just a turkey
as anyone can see,
I´ve made it with my hands
which is a part of me,
It comes with lots of love
specially to say,
I hope you have a very happy

I´m Iván and i hope you have a great time reading this poem and watching the video.


I am going to talk aboutour English assistant Sarah.

She is 22 years old. She is from Leicester in UK. She graduated in Durham University.
She has an young sister, called Joanna, she is 20 years old.

In her free time she enjoys skiing, spending time with her friends, watching tennis, practicing trampoline... an eating!!!

Her favourite film is Toy Story 2.

Her favourite director is Richard Curtis.

    Her favourite singer is Taylor Swift.

The color is preferred among all the red.
   She preferred pizza and steak of the rest.

Her favourite thing of Spain is the food.

She preferred  the beach than the mountain.

I think that her lifestyle is fantastic because she likes a lot of things and she is very funny and sympathetic.



Here you have another song of thanksgiving.
Is funny


                                                    SARAH'S LIFE

This year we have a language assistant. Her name is Sarah; She is from Leicester,England. She is 22 years old. She has one sister whose name is Joanna and she is 20 years old. Sarah never had a pet,but her favourite animal is cat.

She was graduated in Durham University;her hobbie is speak other languages .She can speak German and Italian. She loves Madrid.In her free time she enjoys doing sports ,for example,skiing,tennis,trampoline and athletics.The things that she loves are eating, travelling and spending time with her friends.Her favourite film is ' Toy Story 2 ' and her favourite director is Richarl Curtis ,she loves red colour she likes the pizza and the steak. Her favourite singer is Taylor Swift ,and her favourite band is Daft Punk.

I think Sarah is a great person is very fun.I supose Sarah and Brianna are very good languages assistants.

Brianna Smith

 By Paula Sabido,Victor Castaño, Carlota Camacho, and Marta Ceballos.

Brianna was born in Chicago the 18 September. She has 2 siblings,an olther brother called Tom and a younger sister called Ary. She also has a dog called Guiness.Brianna was a teacher in Viena during three years.

Brianna has some hobbies like playing the piano,the harp and the violin.She loves sports like tennis,the soccer and frisby.She prefers soccer.

 Her high school was st Charles North.Her favourite subjects were Music and English.She played in the high school band.

Her favourite food is Chicago´s pizza and the Mexican food. Her favourite colour is coral. She would like to vistit Israel and Turkey. Her favourite book is the Pillars of the Earth. Brianna´s favourite film is Shawshank Redempotion. And she likes Tim Barton.

She has an exciting,funny,energetic and healthy lifestyle.She does a lot of exercise and she plays a lot of instruments.

How is Brianna like?

I´m goint to speak about Brianna, our english assistant this year.

Brianna is from Chicago, she´s 26 years old, she has 2 siblings, one older brother called Nick and a younger sister called Ari, she also has a dog.

Brianna studied in St. Charles North, she has learned how to speak german and a little bit of spanish, and of course she knows how to speak english.

Altouth Brianna is from Chicago she has been living in Vienna for 3.5 years teaching english in a school, but then she wanted to teach english in Spain, she wanted to be an assistant.

She came to Madrid one month ago and she already likes it. She ussually went to Casa Campo in Madrid, it is her favourite place.

She plays three instruments, the violin, the piano and the harp and she practise 4 sports too, soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, and she dance salsa. She likes all of them but her favourite is soccer.

She likes the eatles, classical music and jazz, she played in a jazz band some years ago and she made small concerts in the high school.