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This year we will have a language assitant from Chicago. She is a great person and she is called Brianna.
She is called Brianna Smith and she was born on 18th September in a city near Chicago called St Charles.  Nowadays she is 26 years old. She has one older brother called Nick and one young sister called Ari. She also has two dogs, one of the dogs is called Guiness.
Brianna loves sports.  Her favourite sports are tennis, soccer and frisbee. In her free time, she likes to play the piano, the violin and  the harp . She likes all type of music except country music. She enjoys reading and watching films. Her faourite book is Pillars of the Earth and her favourite film is Shawshank Rodemption. She quite likes Mexican food and special Chicago's pizza¡
When she was young she went at St. Charles North highschool in St. Charles. In the high school she participated in a jazz band with her teenmates. At university she studied music but nowadays is an English teacher. She spent three years and a half teaching Little kids in Viena (Austria). She came to Madrid last summer. What she most likes of Madrid is Casa de Campo and paella¡ We're surprised at that because Casa de Campo isn't the most beautiful thing in Madrid¡
That´s all about Brianna; she is a great person and we want to learn a lot of her¡
Published by Diego Rodríguez
Written by Sergio Vellisca, Diego Rodríguez, Isabel Rodríguez y Cristina Zegarra.
We hope you like it¡

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