miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

Brianna Smith

 By Paula Sabido,Victor Castaño, Carlota Camacho, and Marta Ceballos.

Brianna was born in Chicago the 18 September. She has 2 siblings,an olther brother called Tom and a younger sister called Ary. She also has a dog called Guiness.Brianna was a teacher in Viena during three years.

Brianna has some hobbies like playing the piano,the harp and the violin.She loves sports like tennis,the soccer and frisby.She prefers soccer.

 Her high school was st Charles North.Her favourite subjects were Music and English.She played in the high school band.

Her favourite food is Chicago´s pizza and the Mexican food. Her favourite colour is coral. She would like to vistit Israel and Turkey. Her favourite book is the Pillars of the Earth. Brianna´s favourite film is Shawshank Redempotion. And she likes Tim Barton.

She has an exciting,funny,energetic and healthy lifestyle.She does a lot of exercise and she plays a lot of instruments.

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