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I have choosen this picture with a well that there is a person inside because it reminds me the part of the story where John was inside the well looking for the diamond. He went down more and he found a bag. John opened the bag and inside there was the diamond. I like this part of the story because in my grandfather´s house there is a well and when my brother and me go to the village we like to take water from the well.

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Charleen´s life

I am going to talk about Charleen one of our new assistant, and i hope you enjoy it.
Her name is Charleen Mc Cluren. She was born the 13th of July. She is 23 years old and she was born in London, but now she lives in Atlanta (Georgia).
She has three brothers called Darryl (20) , London (10), Ronet (11). Her parents are called Sylvia and Rohan, they are from Jamaica. Charleen has no pets and no boyfriend.

Charleen's hobbies are playing basketball , the piano, read watch movies dance and play the trompet, but she doesn't practise them a lot. She likes sport . Her favourite team is Celtic and her favourite singers are Ella Fitzgerald , Billie Holliday and Adele. One book she enjoys a lot is "Their eyes are watching God", and a TV show she likes a lot is "Luther". The actor she thinks that acts the best is Denzel Washington . At eating she prefers mango and pizza. Her favourite colour is red and her favourite clothes store is H&M.

She has been to England , Spain, France, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominic Republic, Andorra and also Portugal. She speaks to languages: English and spanish. She likes listening to old music ( music of the years 50 and 60), pop, rap, and classical music.

I hope you have liked this text and you think it is interesting.

Eduardo 1D.

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Haunted Houses

Jaime Moreno

David Palomo
This year we have just designed a haunted house; next year, who knows? Be careful if you are near the school in Halloween!
Thanks to Jaime Moreno and David Palomo! You've done a superb job!

I'd like to thank Mercedes- ICT teacher. She's helped us to publish these beautiful drawings!

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Charleen's Life

Dear readers;
We hope that you like this article about Charleen.
Her name is Charleen Mc Clure.She was born In London.
She is 23 years old.She was born in July 13th 1988.Her parents are Jamaicans.They are called Rohan and Sylvia.Her sister name is Ronet and her brothers's name are London and Darryl.
When she was five years old she moved to Atlanta (Georgia).Her grandfather was Scotish and that's why her surname is Mc Clure.
Her favourite fruit is the Mango.Her favourite food is the pizza.She likes jazzand her favourite jazz singers are Billy Holidays and Ella Fritzgerald.tha favourite film of Charleen is "Pulp Fiction" and her favourite book is "Their eyes were watching God".
Her hobbies are playing the piano ,basketball and travelling(she has been in 10 countries).
She speaks 2 languages.She likes ballet,funky and flamenco.
She studied in in Mc Eachen high school.She studied english literature and science .

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Charleen's Life

Her name is Charleen Mc.Clure.She was born in London,but she moved to Georgia when she was 5 years.Now she is 23 years old.Her parents are Rohan and Silvia and they are from Jamaica.She also has three brotherscalled Darryl,who is 20 years;Ronet,he is 11 years;and her sister London,who is 10 years old.

She likes playing the piano,reading,dancing and watching films.Her favorite Jazz singers is Ella Etroendl and Billy Holiday.Her favorite film is "Pulp Fiction",she also likes watching TV.Her favorite TV show is "Luther".She likes pop music,rock,rap,jazz and old music.Her favorite book is"Their Eyes were Watching God"by Zora Neals.She likes eating pizza and she likes mango fruit.

She studied in the university Mc Eachen.It was very big and nice so she liked it very much.She also likes playing basketball.Her favorite basketball team is Celtics.

She has visited Mexico,England,Spain and France.

I hope that she comes here next year again.

By Alex

Group:Alex.Jaime,Jesús and SergioM.

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Charlinee´s life

Charlinee Mc Clure from London was born the 13th July 1998, so she is 23 years old, lives in Atlanta. But her parents are from Jamaica. She comes to Spain because of her work, for helping us during this school year, in our high school called: Parque de Lisboa. Her parents are called Rohan and Sylvia, she has two brothers called Darryl and London, and a sister called Ronet. She study in a university called Mc Eachem in the U.S.A.

Her hobbies are: playing basketball, playing the piano, watching movies, the televison and reading books, and she also plays the trompet. Her favourite basketball team is Celtics of Boston. She likes jazz, old music, of Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Her favourite color is red, and her favourite TV show is Luther. Her favourite book is `Their eyes were watching God´ by Zora Neall. Her favourite film is called pulp fiction. Her favourite animal is the cat but she is alergic, and her favourite cloth shop is H&M. Her favourite food is pizza, and her favourite fruit is mango.

She had visited: England, Mexico, Dominic Republic, Andorra, U.S.A, Honduras, and Spain. But in summer she goes to London

Thats all about Charlinee Mc Clure!

Group: Eliana, Ismael, Daniel, Sandra 1ºD

Interview with Charleen Mc Clure

She is called Charleen. She is 23 years old. She was born in London.
When she was 5 years old , she moved to America , Georgia.
Her family is from Jamaica. She has got 2 brothers and a sister .
They are called Darryl (20) Ronet (11) and London (10).
Her parents are called Rohan and Sylvia.

She likes playing basketball and playing the piano ; She likes watching movies ,
her favorite actor is Denzel Washington, dancing and reading.
She likes to listen to pop-rock music . Her favourite foods are
Mango and pizza. Her favourite animal is the Panther.

She studied at Mc Eachem high shcool. Her university is only for women.
They started in August and finished in May.

Group : Carlos, Sofia , Guille and Victor of 1ºD
By : Sofia

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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

I think is a very funny, interesting and exciting book, I liked very much the original book and the movie, the best part of the book is the part of Halloween, when Greg and Rowley go for Trick-or-Treating, i liked because some teenagers chase them and Greg and Rowley hide in Greg's grandma's house. The main character is Greg Heffley, a twelve years old teenager, that tries to be a very popular boy, with his friend Rowley. I will recomend to twelve years old boys and girls.

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Here you can find some information about the author, the books, stories and so on.Click here

Add a comment about what you have seen/read. Didi you like it? Would you recommend a part in particular? Why?

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We did it!!! Tomorrow is the great day and everything is going to be great: wait and see.

Let's meet at 9:00: say yes and at 9:20: It's a kind of Magic.

We need a tie for the banker- Richard!!!

I've prepared a CD with the music and effects so that we have no problems.

See you tomorrow,

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Would you like to have a look at these amazing places? 
1.How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites are there so far? 
2. How many sites are there in your country? How many have you been to?
There are maps, pictures, information about places all over the world. Enjoy!!!
The World Heritage List includes 911 properties forming part of the cultural and natural heritage which the World Heritage Committee considers as having outstanding universal value.
These include 704 cultural , 180 natural and 27 mixed properties in 151 States Parties. As of June 2010, 187 States Parties have ratified the World Heritage Convention.

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Are you interested in Shakespeare?
Have a look at the interview and think about these questions:
1. Many people may see William Shakespeare’s work as…
2. How is the performance shown in the BtN story, trying to make Shakespeare relevant to young people?
3. Why is William Shakespeare considered the best writer and poet of all time?
4. Which modern movie was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work?
5. Describe the props used in the production.
6. Why is Shakespeare’s writing difficult to understand?
7. Do you think Shakespeare’s work is still relevant today? Explain your answer.
8. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?
9. What was surprising about this story?
10. Briefly summarise the Shakespeare in school story.

Do you want to try a quiz? Have a look at this page!!! There is plenty of information about Shakespeare and his time.

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"The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas"

I´am going to summarice this book of Jonh Boyne.This is an adventures book about the adventures of Bruno, the daughter of a coronel, a nazi one, and Samuel a jew.

The family of Bruno moved to autchbizt, in Germany. There the parents of Bruno told him not to went out of the house but he didn´tpay attention to them. He went out of the house, across the forest, and he saw a fence. There he met Samuel, a boy that was in the other side of the fence.

I like this book because of the adventures and also because it is based on a real fact. I recommend this book to all the people that has more than twelve years. If you enjoy other books of Jonh Boyne you will enjoy this one.

"El Valle De Los Lobos" by Laura Gallego

If you like the books of mystery and magic, then, this is your book.

It is about a girl, called Dana. She lives in a farm with his family. One day, she found a ghost that no one else can see, called Kai. At the first moment she was scared, but later, the make best friends.

Later a man came into the farm that want to take Dana to a school in the valley of the wolves, but what Dana didn’t knew, is that the school was of magic.

If you want to know how it ends, you will have to read the book.

I recommend it to people from 10 years old to 14 because it is a great book. And I also recommend the others 3 books of the collection: “La maldición del maestro”, “La llamada de los muertos” and “Fenris, el elfo”

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My favourite book is called 'EL ULTIMO TRABAJO DEL SEÑOR LUNA'. The autor is Cesar Mallorquí. He's very good. The book is very, very interesting. Iy has some scary parts, some funny parts and other parts that are very curious. One of the things that make this book my favourite book is that once you've started, you can't stop reading! It has 290 pages and I read it in two days.

The book is about a man called Luna a tall and very clever assasin that wants to kill a southamerican woman, called Flor Huanaco a beatiful woman, with not a very good character.
In the story a bad, evil man appears. He's called Sr Coronado and he has a, son even worst than him called Manuel Coronado. The story happens in a house of Madrid where a boy named Pablo and his father a glamorous trumpet player, live. Sr Coronado is a drugtraficker and orders Sr Luna to kill Flor because her husband an (aeroplane pilot) didn't transport drug to other countries; he was an honest man. Pablo has a lot of problems at school and he wanted to kill himself. Sr Luna kidnaps Flor's daughter, a beatiful 17 years ol girl.
Also Pablo is in love with an impossible girl called Celia, because she has a boyfriend called Vyctor, that is with Sr Luna and wants to kill Flor, too. Well, it's a little bit srtange, but I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I love this book because it'''s not difficult to read. Cesar Mallorqui explains the story very well and the story is very original. I think he has thought in boys of 12-16 years old. I have also learned a lot of things with this book, like that bad people can kill thousnds of people for money. The story of this book is not fantastic and can be real and I like that. Well, you should read it, I'm sure it will be your favourite book.


Twilight is one of my favourite books. It's written by Stephanie Meyer. It's the first book of a collection of 4 books. Twilight is a romantic history of vampires.

I like this book because somehow , you feel identified by Edward or Bella and when you read it you can't stop thinking about it!! I recomended it to people of all the ages that like the vampires and romantic histories.

The main characters are Isabella Swan (Bella) and Edward Cullen ; the secondary characters are their families, and their classmates.

Twilight is about one girl ,(Bella) , who lived in Texas and decided to move to Forks, a little village where when she was younger , she spent her time in summer.
On the first day of the high school of Forks , Bella saw a strange boy. He was different from all the boys in the high school. Sometimes, Bella thought that the strange boy,(that is called Edward ), wasn't a normal person, that he was a ... vampire?? No, because the vampires weren't exist, or yes ???
Do you want to know what hapened later? Buy or borrow this book! It's fantastic

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La Isla Del Tesoro

I´m going to recommend a book called "La Isla Del Tesoro".It is a very famous book, writed by a scottish called Robert Louis Stevenson. He also writed very good books such as "La Flecha Negra" and "Los Mares Del Sur".

The book is set in the XVII in England. The young Jim Hawkins finds a map in a chest that belonged to an old dead pirate. Then, with the help of some friends, they discovered that the map shows the buried treasure of the famous Captain Flint. They float a ship and travelled to the Skeleton Island, but one of the sailors knows something else about Captain Flint...

This book is a book that, in my opinion, should be compulsory to read. It is especially appropiated for young persons, but anyone can enjoy it. A book really amusing for people that like adventure books




This book is one of my favourite books .Eliminar formato de la selección

It is about a man named Scrooge who only knew how to work , and was very greedy .

He never celebrated Christmas , he did not like parties or anything like that .

One day a few ghosts appeared .Eliminar formato de la selecciónEliminar formato de la selección

The first ghost reminded him of his past .

The second told him the present .

And the third said his future , will be bad if he doesn´t change his way of life ...

I really liked it , and you learn to be a good person , and to be kind to others .
It is a sad novel , because in fact he was alone .

It´s very sad , but he knew what he was doing .

I recomendit it to everyone who wants to become a better person .


I'm going to talk about "El niño con el pijama de Rayas"and the author is Jhon Byle.It´s a sad storie. The main characters are:Bruno is the son;Gretel the Bruno´s sister;the father , the mother and Shmuel Bruno´s friend.

They were living in Berlin but, they have to move to Auchviz because of the father worked as a colonel in a camp of concentration.The only one that likes the house was the father and a little bit the mother ,and that the house had four floors. Bruno didn´t like the house because he didn´t have friends and Gretel the same. 

I recomend this book to people of eleven years or more. I hope you read.


This is my favourite book; it has drama and it is so interesting and exciting.I recommend it because I thought it is one of the bests books I read. It can be read for people of all ages except little boys.

It is about two girls of twelve and eight years that were separated from their parents during the spanish civil war.Their father died being soldier but their mother didn't.She was a nurse during the war.The girls went to a boardinh school in Russia.They stay there for a lot of years and try to send letters to their mum but she has moved to another house,so the letters got to their uncle.

The author is Marina Mayoral and I think it is one of the bests books she has written.


Its a book by Marina Mayoral,the book is sad maybe it makes you cry or not.

Its about two sisters called, Rosa and Harmonia,Rosa was the youngest and Harmonia, the oldest.They had to leave their parents and go to a boarding school because of the civil war in Spain.

After 3 months they had to leave Spain an go to Russia.They were going by boat an when they were leaving they said goodbye to his father Miguel but their mother couldnt go and say goodbye.


I am going to talk about one of my favourite books,''LA LLAMADA DE LOS MUERTOS''. By Laura Gallego; this author has written a very famous books, ''Memorias de Idún'' too;that she enjoys mystery and fantasy and sometimes a little bit of romance like in my favourite book.

I thought that this book is for 12 to 14 year olds. This book is much of fantasy and mystery. So it is very interesting; you never know what can happen. The main characters are, Dana and Kai; Dana is a girl who can see strange persons, dead persons. She goes to an academy of magic; years later, the things get complicated and she had to choose between her death love or hers died. Will she have a happy ending?

I read all the collection; and i like it so much; but this book was very exciting; is a book of many surprises.

Most of the story was very fantastic and some times romantic. It waseasy to read and very mystery; in some parts the story is sad, but I recommend it for all the people, specially for children who like fantasy books.


My favouritre book is Lazarillo de Tormes. This book has an anonimous author.This book was written in 1554.

This book is about a boy that did work as a servant for other characters lika a monk,
a priest and especially a blind man. That are the avcebtures I like most, because Lazarillo has to manage to survive.

I liked this book because there are many very adventures very funny about a boy.
I suggets this book for people between 13 and 16.


If you like fantasy , mystery , or adventure books , you will like this book.
The author is Carlos Ruíz Zafon and I think that he does a good job with this book.

The main character was a boy called Max who just move with his family to another city because of the war.

As time passes he discovered that the house was habited by a ghost that appeared in the films of the garage.

After that , one day he discovered that the ghost of the films was his new friend called Roland.

Do you want to know what happens to Max?Buy or borrow this book. I strongly recommend it!

La Isla del Tesoro

I´m going to recommend a book called "La Isla

Greg´s Diary

My favourite book is "Greg´s Diary".It is about one boy whose mother buys him a diary.Greg starts to write in the diary all the days.

The best friend of Greg is Rowley,a boy that Greg think is silly because he likes the games of the little kids,for example:Play with the figures of dinosaurs,play in the park,do sand castles etc.

The author Jeff Kinney is praised by very important New York newspaper for example:the New York Times,the CS etc.

I recommend because it is very funny and has a lot of series of this character.


I am going to talk about the book "La ciudad de las Bestias"by Isabel Allende.In my class most of the people read this book and they really like it.This novel is of adventure,magig and humor.
This book is for teenagers between 12 and 14 years old.The book is about a family.T he main character is Alexander.The mother is sick and they need to go to New York.An Alexander goes to the Amazonas with his grandmother.They meet a girl that wasthere with her father.They are there because the are looking for a beast.
I don't have read any other book os Isabel Allende except this,but i would like to read more.This women writes very well and I think other books by her they are going to be great.
I recommend it because this book has a little of humor,adventure and magic.


El Valle de los Lobos is my favourite book. It was written by Laura Gallego and is the first of a collection of four books. The main characters are Dana and Kai, and there are other secondary characters like: Fenris, Maritta, el Maestro... Laura Gallego has already written a lot of books like: el Coleccionista de Relojes.

The book is about a girl called Dana that lived with her family in a farm. Her family was poor but they were very honest. When Dana was 8 she met a boy called Kai and 4 years later they send her to a Tower to learn magic, but something mysterious happened there.

I like a lot this book but it's a bit short. I recommend it to persons who like fantasy books.


I am going to talk about one of my favourite books.Rhe tittle of this book is ¨TRISTES ARMAS¨.Tristes Armas is a romantic and a little bit of sad adventure.In this book there are two girls who have to go to Russia because Franco is going kill all the Republican people in Spain and their parents are Republican.These two girls and more children have to go to Russia.It´s so sad.The name of the author is Marina Mayoral.
The name of these characters are Rosa and Harmonia.Harmonia and Rosa have to live separate from their parents and they live a lot of adventuresand romantic parts.
I think Tristes Armas is a good book to read because it makes you think about all the children that are separated from their parents and all the people who died. I think,this is a good book for 12-16 or 17 years olds.I hope you read these book.