lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


My favourite book is called 'EL ULTIMO TRABAJO DEL SEÑOR LUNA'. The autor is Cesar Mallorquí. He's very good. The book is very, very interesting. Iy has some scary parts, some funny parts and other parts that are very curious. One of the things that make this book my favourite book is that once you've started, you can't stop reading! It has 290 pages and I read it in two days.

The book is about a man called Luna a tall and very clever assasin that wants to kill a southamerican woman, called Flor Huanaco a beatiful woman, with not a very good character.
In the story a bad, evil man appears. He's called Sr Coronado and he has a, son even worst than him called Manuel Coronado. The story happens in a house of Madrid where a boy named Pablo and his father a glamorous trumpet player, live. Sr Coronado is a drugtraficker and orders Sr Luna to kill Flor because her husband an (aeroplane pilot) didn't transport drug to other countries; he was an honest man. Pablo has a lot of problems at school and he wanted to kill himself. Sr Luna kidnaps Flor's daughter, a beatiful 17 years ol girl.
Also Pablo is in love with an impossible girl called Celia, because she has a boyfriend called Vyctor, that is with Sr Luna and wants to kill Flor, too. Well, it's a little bit srtange, but I'm sure you will enjoy it.

I love this book because it'''s not difficult to read. Cesar Mallorqui explains the story very well and the story is very original. I think he has thought in boys of 12-16 years old. I have also learned a lot of things with this book, like that bad people can kill thousnds of people for money. The story of this book is not fantastic and can be real and I like that. Well, you should read it, I'm sure it will be your favourite book.

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