sábado, 23 de abril de 2011


If you like mystery, ghosts, and adventure, you will like the book:

"El principe de la niebla". The author is called Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

The main character is called Max. It is about a family that moved to a new house. The back of the house is like a cemetery full of statues. The statues were alive. Max has two sisters, and the older sister called Alicia, and when Max make his first, friend Alicia falls in love. The friend called Roland. Roland have a granthfather knows the last propietaries. They were friends and they knows a person that make you a real wish but by a high price but not money, this person called El principe de la niebla or Cain. One of the propietaries love a girl and the granthfather too, but the propietary went to talk with Cain, and say that he like to married with the girl, and Cain said that he have to give his first child. Unexpectedly a monster appeared and attack to the children...

If you want more information, buy or borrow it from a library.My opinion is that is a great book, interesting and easy to read.

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