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Watch out! Santa's coming to town!

Can you sing this one with the video? Try at home. Nobody will know if you sing out of tune!!!


Feeling like singing something for Christmas? Try this song. But... Be careful.
Have a look at the lyrics. The person who wrote them didn't check spelling much. Can you spot any mistakes?

Here is another one- this time, one you know in another version.

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martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010


An alliteration is a poem or sentence in which almost all of the words start with the same letter.

Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, where's the peck of pickled peppers that Peter Piper picked?

Add here your poems.

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diamond poem

chessy, yummy ,melting ,warm,
eating ,hungry ,happy,
filling , great , delicius ,
jumpy , bouncy,
white, yellow,bumpy,jumbly,
rumply,hot and mushy


Dirty dolphins die in the dirt
Cool cats cook cookies
Four fishes fly frozen
Shainy snails go speedly
Hungry horses hide in a house
Parrots pull a panda
Colorfull cats crawl
Many monkeys makes movies
Green gepard give me a game
Wonderfull whales writing in the water

domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

my poem

Cool cats cleanEliminar formato de la selección a car.
The dogs dream with ducks.
The whales write wonderfully.
Ghost gives gloves.
Toys take tables.
Man make the Moon.
Pandas paint pictures.
Snakes are soft.
And flats fly.

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Hello , I ´m Amanda , and I´m going to speak about my poem .

Dirty dogs dotted in the door .
Bullies butterfly buy ballons .
Camells cackle in the camper .
Four fish fight on the floor .
Sick snakes sleap .
Red rats run in the river .
Teddy think in the top tree .
Horse hat is hot .
Putrid pigs pray in the park .
Mechanies mice meeting more money .
Good genius graw in the grass .
Wonderful wizards without work .

And I finish . I hope that you liked .



Kelly and Irene have just arrived. We have prepared an interview for them and written articles based on their answers. Now, we know them better.
Where are they from? What are they doing here?
Interested? Read our articles.

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Kelly is 22 years old. She lives in Madrid (San Bernardo) but she comes from Michigan. She has one brother called Brian. Her parents´names are Barry and Kendra. Her birthday is on 1st February. She is vegetarian. She is not married. She doesn´t have pets. Her best friend is Stefany. She speaks two languages:English and a little bit of Spanish. Her studies are History of Arts. It´s the second time she´s in Spain.

Her hobbies are photography and drawing. Her favourite sport is volleyball and baseball. The food she like to eat are salads. Also she have a favourite colour tahat is black. She don´t have pets but her favourite animal is the cat. She like TV. Her favourite TV program is "House". Also has a favourite film that it is "The Wizard of Oz". Her favourite mmusic is the classic music. She love books.

She loves children. She likes our high schoool. She likes Spain because the weather is better than in Michigan.


BY:Lydia,Guillermo,Cristina and Estrella
hello!! we are Iván,Victor,Sergio and Alejandro Moncayo

Her name is Irene,she is 22 years old.Nowadays she is living in Madrid but she is from California(U.S.A).
She is an assistant classes but perhaphs she is going to be teacher.It is the second time that she comes to Spain and she loves it,because the people are so good and also to practise her Spanish.She likes Spanish food especially ´´the omelette´´but her favourite food is italian food.Her hobbies are playing the piano and also tennis,her favourite tennis player is Rafael Nadal.she likes almost types of musics except of her favouritesingers is Shakira.her favourite football team is Real Madrid.She has boyfriend and also facebok
Hello!! We are Laura , Amanda , Dani and Ruben.and we are going to talk about ...

Her name is Kelly. She studied at the Kalamazoo college in Michigan. She studied photography.
She has one brother called Brian and her parents are called Barry and Kendra.She doesn´t
have pets but her favourite animal is the cat.Her favourites sports are volleyball and baseball.
She supports a team called "Detroit Tigers".She likes all types of music except cauntrybut she doesn´thave a favourite singer.Her favourite film is "The Wizard of Oz" , and her favourite actor is Jhonny Deep.Her favourite colour is black.She has visited Madrid , Caceres , Salamanca , Sevilla , Pais Vasco and Barcelona in Spain and out of spain EE.UU , Canada , Italy , France...
She doesn´t play any instrument.Her favourite book is "Everithing is Iluminated".She likes reading and vidogames.Her bestfriend is called Estephanie.She likes action films with spies.
Her favourite T.Vprogramme is "house"and she is going to be in Spain till the end of school year.


Hi! We are Cristina ,Estrella ,Guillermo and Lydia of 1ºE

Irene is 22 years old. She's from California (U.S.A). She loves Spain very much. She has studied Politics and Philosophy.She has a brother and a sister. Her brother's name is Victor and her sister's name is Diana. She is not married but she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend's name is Kevin. She has a cat that is called Lucky. Cats are her favourite animals. Her hobbies are playing tennis and playing her piano.

She likes reading. Her favourite book is Twilight and her favourite film is "Pretty Woman". Her favouurite food is Italian Food and she likes Tortilla de Patata too. She doesn't like TV very much . She loves children. She likes this High School.

We think she is great!

Welcome to Spain , Irene!!!!!

Irene´s life

Hi!We are Sara,Richard,Sergio M and Paula and this is Irene's article


Her name is irene and she is 22 years old.She was born in California (U.S.A) , she isn´t married, but she has a boyfriend, she dosen´t have kids but she loves them.She left California a few years ago , but she went again a lot of times, she went to the university of San Diego to study.In her house she has a pet, a cat called Lucky.She has visited many places like Portugal,Spain,France,Germany and Italy.
Her favourite sport is tennis because she played it when she was young and her favourite player is Blake.She likes Spain because of the food and people.Her favourite food is Italian(pasta) but her favourit Spanish food is omelet.Her favourite TV programme is The Simpsoms and her favourite film is Pretty Women.

She is in Spain to assist classes of some high schools;she thinks that our high school is great and she likes it.Last year she was teaching in Sevilla.
She wants to learn how to play the spanish guitar.She likes pop and rock music.

Sergio M

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010


Hello! We are Javi,Ricardo,Jorge and Miriam.We are going to talk about the new assistant that came to the English class yesterday.


Her name is Irene;she was born on 1st December 1987 in Madrid,but she comes from California.Now she is 22 years old.She has one brotherand one sister;their names are Victor and Diana.She has a boyfriend.Her best friend's name is Elena.She has one cat,Lucky.


Now something about her likes and dislikes.She likes playing the piano and playing tennis.Her favourite food is ITALIAN food.Her favourite sport is playing tennis.Her favourite book is "THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTO".Also we know something about her favourite film , it is "PRETTY WOMAN".She loves Spain because of the people and because of the food.Her favourite Spanish food is "TORTILLA DE PATATA".One of her favourite singers is Shakira,and her favourite actor is Johnny Depp,because of his looks.Her favourite colour is red.


She studied politics at the university of San Diego .She speaks 3 languages:Spanish,English and a little bit of French.Her favourite subject when she was like us was ENGLISH LITERATURE ; also,when she was like us, she studied Spanish and French.

And that is the end of our article , we hope that you like it.


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my diamond poem

these is my diamond poem
(its about a fox and a wolf)

ears,4 legs

weaty, eating,scape,