martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Irene´s life

Hi!We are Sara,Richard,Sergio M and Paula and this is Irene's article


Her name is irene and she is 22 years old.She was born in California (U.S.A) , she isn´t married, but she has a boyfriend, she dosen´t have kids but she loves them.She left California a few years ago , but she went again a lot of times, she went to the university of San Diego to study.In her house she has a pet, a cat called Lucky.She has visited many places like Portugal,Spain,France,Germany and Italy.
Her favourite sport is tennis because she played it when she was young and her favourite player is Blake.She likes Spain because of the food and people.Her favourite food is Italian(pasta) but her favourit Spanish food is omelet.Her favourite TV programme is The Simpsoms and her favourite film is Pretty Women.

She is in Spain to assist classes of some high schools;she thinks that our high school is great and she likes it.Last year she was teaching in Sevilla.
She wants to learn how to play the spanish guitar.She likes pop and rock music.

Sergio M

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  1. Irene is very beautiful. She's knows lots of thinks of Spain. Kiiis♥. We have a class blog too, its name is Learning English in Fuenlabrada. Perhaps you would to visit. Thank you very much and congratulations.

  2. Irene Is very nice Shes knows lot think of spain.
    congratulation :D

  3. irene is very smart and my class also has a blog

  4. I have liked the draft very much for
    That I have found out about things that not wise of irene and I congratulate to the persons who have done it

  5. Quite this very well summarized. I like much because I have realized things that neither I nor my wise class of her. :)

  6. Irene is very nice and pleasant learn a lot with her.Irene likes vary Spain and also some y like congratulate Sergio M,Richard,Saray Paula :)

  7. irene is a good teacher for my class thank you.

  8. Irene is very inteligent she is very nice she knows a very lots of spain its good teacher

  9. Hello!
    Irene's life seems very interesting.
    It is a very good teacher because he knows express.
    One of the most impressive things Irene is his intelligence and patience.
    A big kiss.