martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

Hello!! We are Laura , Amanda , Dani and Ruben.and we are going to talk about ...

Her name is Kelly. She studied at the Kalamazoo college in Michigan. She studied photography.
She has one brother called Brian and her parents are called Barry and Kendra.She doesn´t
have pets but her favourite animal is the cat.Her favourites sports are volleyball and baseball.
She supports a team called "Detroit Tigers".She likes all types of music except cauntrybut she doesn´thave a favourite singer.Her favourite film is "The Wizard of Oz" , and her favourite actor is Jhonny Deep.Her favourite colour is black.She has visited Madrid , Caceres , Salamanca , Sevilla , Pais Vasco and Barcelona in Spain and out of spain EE.UU , Canada , Italy , France...
She doesn´t play any instrument.Her favourite book is "Everithing is Iluminated".She likes reading and vidogames.Her bestfriend is called Estephanie.She likes action films with spies.
Her favourite T.Vprogramme is "house"and she is going to be in Spain till the end of school year.

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