martes, 19 de octubre de 2010


Hi! We are Cristina ,Estrella ,Guillermo and Lydia of 1ºE

Irene is 22 years old. She's from California (U.S.A). She loves Spain very much. She has studied Politics and Philosophy.She has a brother and a sister. Her brother's name is Victor and her sister's name is Diana. She is not married but she has a boyfriend. Her boyfriend's name is Kevin. She has a cat that is called Lucky. Cats are her favourite animals. Her hobbies are playing tennis and playing her piano.

She likes reading. Her favourite book is Twilight and her favourite film is "Pretty Woman". Her favouurite food is Italian Food and she likes Tortilla de Patata too. She doesn't like TV very much . She loves children. She likes this High School.

We think she is great!

Welcome to Spain , Irene!!!!!

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