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Kelly and Irene have just arrived. We have prepared an interview for them and written articles based on their answers. Now, we know them better.
Where are they from? What are they doing here?
Interested? Read our articles.

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  1. KELLY
    Her name is Kelly.She is 22 years old. She was born on first February.She was born in Michigan, but now she lives in Madrid. Her parents' names are Barry and Kendia. She has one brother called Brian. And her bestfriend is Sophie.

    Her name is Kelly and she is 22 yers old.She was born in Michigan (U.S.A).Her birthday is on first of February.She has one brother called Brian that is 21 years old andehe is studing at unoversity.She also went to university, her university is calles Kalamazoo Collage.She lives in Madrid at the moment.She speaks two languges Spanish and English, she has been in Spain twice.Her parent´s names are Barry and Kendra.

    Kelly likes T.V bat she doesn´t have so much time to see it, her favourite film is the Wizard of Oz but she also likes Oceans 11.She likes reading books of mistery.She likes videogames and she used to play wii with her littke cousins.

    She likes photography and if she has more time , she will go to visit other parts of Spain and take lots ans lots of photographs.She has visited many countries like: Spain, France, Portugal, Canada and Italy.

    Her favourite food is salad and she doesn´t like meat so she is vegetarian.Her favourite drink is coffe.

    Her favourite sports are baseball and volleyball.

  3. FAIRY

    Big , Noisy
    Ears , Teeth , Nose , Mouth

  5. Irene

    Her name is Irene, she is twenty-two years old and she is from the south of California, but now lives in Madrid.

    She has one brother and one sister; her brother is calle Victor and her sister is called Diana.
    Her favourite sport is tennis because when she was 5 years old, she played tennis.

    Her favourie animal is the cat. Her favourite singer is shakira. She also play the piano. Her favourite types of music are Pop,Rock and Classic Music.

    Her favourite flim is "Pretty Woman" and her favourite book is "The girl with the dragon".
    She doesn't have any favourite tv program, she likes all of them.
    And her favourite colour is red.

  6. KELLY

    Her name is Kelly and she is 22 years old.Nowadays she is living in Madrid but she is from Michigan(U.S.A) She has one brother called Brian.

    Her hobbies are taking photos and playing volley-ball. She doesn´t like television very much but she likes "House". She likes action films and also spies flims. She has facebook and she only like some videogames.

    It´s the second time that she has come to Spain because she likes it a lot. Two years ago she came to Cáceres (Spain). About Spain she likes the weather, the people and knowing other cultures. She knows how to speak Spanish but not a lot.

  7. My Poem

    Dolphins dancing daily
    Cats cooking carrots
    Five fish floating as flowers
    Sensitive snakes singing so sweet
    Many mice moving on their feet
    Hungry horses having hay
    Purple pandas painting okay
    Tired turtles talking together
    Wonderful whales whispering forever

    Written by Estrella González-Mohíno

    I hope you like my poem. I have enjoyed doing it!

  8. M1 Interwiew with Kelly
    -Hello we are Javi, Ricardo, Jorge and Miriam. We are going to talk about one of the new assistants that came to the class.

    Something about her
    -Her name is Kelly; she was born the 1º Frebuary 1988 in the U.S.A. (Michigan). Now she is 22 years old.She has only one brother; his name is Brian. Her parents´ namesare Barry and Kendra. We don´t know if she has a boyfriend. Her best friend´s name is Stephany.

    Likes and Dislikes
    - Now something about her likes and dislikes. She likes to take photos. Her favourite food is every type of salads, because she is vegetarian, and her favourite drink is coofee. Her favourite book is ``EVERITHING IS ILUMINATED´´. Also we know about her favourite film; it´s ``THE WIZARD OF OZ´´. Her favourite animal is the cat. She likes Spain because of the weather, because she likes to practice Spanish and becaude she likaes to learn about new cultures. Her favourite Spanish food is ``TORTILLA DE PATATA´´. She likes every type of musicexcept country music. She doesn´t have a favourite singer, but she has a favourite actor, his name is Johnny Depp. Her favourite colour is black. Well , this is something about har likes and dislikes.

    - She studied art in Spanish at Kalamazoo college in Kalamazoo. She can speak twwo languages, English and a little bit of Spanish.

    That´s the end of our article; we hope you like it.

  9. CITY
    Shops, Flats
    Malls, Cinemas, Airplanes
    Cars, People, Park, School
    Tower, Houses, Small shops
    Castle, Gadering