lunes, 25 de abril de 2011


Twilight is one of my favourite books. It's written by Stephanie Meyer. It's the first book of a collection of 4 books. Twilight is a romantic history of vampires.

I like this book because somehow , you feel identified by Edward or Bella and when you read it you can't stop thinking about it!! I recomended it to people of all the ages that like the vampires and romantic histories.

The main characters are Isabella Swan (Bella) and Edward Cullen ; the secondary characters are their families, and their classmates.

Twilight is about one girl ,(Bella) , who lived in Texas and decided to move to Forks, a little village where when she was younger , she spent her time in summer.
On the first day of the high school of Forks , Bella saw a strange boy. He was different from all the boys in the high school. Sometimes, Bella thought that the strange boy,(that is called Edward ), wasn't a normal person, that he was a ... vampire?? No, because the vampires weren't exist, or yes ???
Do you want to know what hapened later? Buy or borrow this book! It's fantastic

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