martes, 17 de mayo de 2011


Are you interested in Shakespeare?
Have a look at the interview and think about these questions:
1. Many people may see William Shakespeare’s work as…
2. How is the performance shown in the BtN story, trying to make Shakespeare relevant to young people?
3. Why is William Shakespeare considered the best writer and poet of all time?
4. Which modern movie was an adaptation of Shakespeare’s work?
5. Describe the props used in the production.
6. Why is Shakespeare’s writing difficult to understand?
7. Do you think Shakespeare’s work is still relevant today? Explain your answer.
8. What do you understand more clearly since watching the BtN story?
9. What was surprising about this story?
10. Briefly summarise the Shakespeare in school story.

Do you want to try a quiz? Have a look at this page!!! There is plenty of information about Shakespeare and his time.

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