viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney

Here you can find some information about the author, the books, stories and so on.Click here

Add a comment about what you have seen/read. Didi you like it? Would you recommend a part in particular? Why?

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  1. The book of "Diary of a wimpy kid" is awesome.
    I have the three first one and are my favourite books.The best part is at chrismas time.There are five but within 25 days they are going to bring the 6th one out.


  2. I like it, I see many things and information in the page that you mean.
    It´s interesting.
    I would recommend it,is really funny.

    Sandra 1ºD

  3. In my opinion this book is really nice.
    I'v been reading about the author, he did a great job with this book because , for me, a book has to be fun, in this way, people will enjoy it :) By:Celia Escribano 1ºD

  4. The page is very well.
    I see the new book,cavin fell, it sens interesting,the best part is the game, wimp yourself,because is very funny.I think the book is gonna be good.
    By Pablo Iscar.

  5. The official website of Greg is awesome. I had a great time looking for new things, for example: the game that you can create your own character based on the book´s pictures (I have already created one), you can also watch the trailes from the films (there are two, the best one is the first, I laughed a lot watching it); you can see the comic that a boy drew in the book "Do it yourself"(DIY);and many things else..........

    by Jaime Moreno 1ºD

  6. This page is realy good ,I spend a lot of time in this fantastic page,playing games,watching videos...Ihave read the spanish book and is a very great book: by David de Toro Salinero