viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Charlinee´s life

Charlinee Mc Clure from London was born the 13th July 1998, so she is 23 years old, lives in Atlanta. But her parents are from Jamaica. She comes to Spain because of her work, for helping us during this school year, in our high school called: Parque de Lisboa. Her parents are called Rohan and Sylvia, she has two brothers called Darryl and London, and a sister called Ronet. She study in a university called Mc Eachem in the U.S.A.

Her hobbies are: playing basketball, playing the piano, watching movies, the televison and reading books, and she also plays the trompet. Her favourite basketball team is Celtics of Boston. She likes jazz, old music, of Billy Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald. Her favourite color is red, and her favourite TV show is Luther. Her favourite book is `Their eyes were watching God´ by Zora Neall. Her favourite film is called pulp fiction. Her favourite animal is the cat but she is alergic, and her favourite cloth shop is H&M. Her favourite food is pizza, and her favourite fruit is mango.

She had visited: England, Mexico, Dominic Republic, Andorra, U.S.A, Honduras, and Spain. But in summer she goes to London

Thats all about Charlinee Mc Clure!

Group: Eliana, Ismael, Daniel, Sandra 1ºD

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  1. She is Charleen.She was born in England,but her parents were born in Jamaica.She is our assistant in"Parque de Lisboa"High School.She is 23 years old.Her father is called Rohan,her moter Sylvia, her brother ,Darryl that is 20 years old and her sister Ronet that is 11 years old.

    Her hobbies are basketball ,playing the piano,reading and watching movies.Her favourite team of basketball is Celtics and plays when she can.Her favourite book is "Ehe eyes were watching gods".Her favourite film is "Pulp Fiction".As well,she likes old misic,pop,rock,flamenco and jazz.Her favourite singers of jazz are Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.


    Group:Pablo Casquero,David De Toro,Ruben Penela ana Diego Retamar.