jueves, 15 de diciembre de 2011

Charleen´s life

I am going to talk about Charleen one of our new assistant, and i hope you enjoy it.
Her name is Charleen Mc Cluren. She was born the 13th of July. She is 23 years old and she was born in London, but now she lives in Atlanta (Georgia).
She has three brothers called Darryl (20) , London (10), Ronet (11). Her parents are called Sylvia and Rohan, they are from Jamaica. Charleen has no pets and no boyfriend.

Charleen's hobbies are playing basketball , the piano, read watch movies dance and play the trompet, but she doesn't practise them a lot. She likes sport . Her favourite team is Celtic and her favourite singers are Ella Fitzgerald , Billie Holliday and Adele. One book she enjoys a lot is "Their eyes are watching God", and a TV show she likes a lot is "Luther". The actor she thinks that acts the best is Denzel Washington . At eating she prefers mango and pizza. Her favourite colour is red and her favourite clothes store is H&M.

She has been to England , Spain, France, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominic Republic, Andorra and also Portugal. She speaks to languages: English and spanish. She likes listening to old music ( music of the years 50 and 60), pop, rap, and classical music.

I hope you have liked this text and you think it is interesting.

Eduardo 1D.

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