miércoles, 27 de noviembre de 2013

How is Brianna like?

I´m goint to speak about Brianna, our english assistant this year.

Brianna is from Chicago, she´s 26 years old, she has 2 siblings, one older brother called Nick and a younger sister called Ari, she also has a dog.

Brianna studied in St. Charles North, she has learned how to speak german and a little bit of spanish, and of course she knows how to speak english.

Altouth Brianna is from Chicago she has been living in Vienna for 3.5 years teaching english in a school, but then she wanted to teach english in Spain, she wanted to be an assistant.

She came to Madrid one month ago and she already likes it. She ussually went to Casa Campo in Madrid, it is her favourite place.

She plays three instruments, the violin, the piano and the harp and she practise 4 sports too, soccer, ultimate frisbee, tennis, and she dance salsa. She likes all of them but her favourite is soccer.

She likes the eatles, classical music and jazz, she played in a jazz band some years ago and she made small concerts in the high school.

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