domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Part W. Laura

PART-W You were running, but you didn't know where you were and you saw a house at the top of the mountain. You ran to the house but the zombies followed you; you ran and ran but when you entered  the house... You saw that there were ZOMBIES too!!You didn't know what to do and you ran again but your leg was bad and also you were tired,very tired. You hid in avery big  tree; the zombies didn't know where you were , and they ran thinking that they were following you,. Suddenly, you saw a passage on the tree and you entered; there was avery big  book in the centre. You went to the book and suddenly a zombie appeared and wanted to kill you with a gun; but in that moment you remembered one karate  lesson that you practised when you were a child. Then you defeated the zombie and took the book. You ran and ran ,but that village was haunted : the person who entered couldn't leave and finally became zombies. In that moment all the zombies wanted to kill you to make you one of them. They killed you and you became a ZOMBIE! END!

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