miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


When you came to the village, you were very tired. As you had really a problem in your leg, you decided to go to a doctor.
You found a clinic at the end of the village. When you entered the clinic, you felt something strange. Suddenly, out of a room, a doctor with a scalpel tried to cut you. You escaped upstairs and walked into a room.
There was a lady in a bed. You came to her for help, but the woman got up very quickly with a knife. She wanted to kill you
!.You screamed, and went running downstairs again. The doctor  had a swollen face and red eyes. He seemed crazy.
You escaped from the clinic and saw three other people that wanted to catch you. And also they were "dead". They were zombies! . Both ran to some bushes and saw you hiding.

· If you want them to catch you, choose W

· Another possibility, choose Z

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