lunes, 21 de marzo de 2011

Part J Lydia

You chose the left exit.When you started to walk, you stumbled upon something that was on the ground; it was a still body! When you saw it, you shouted,the still body was of a young boy.
You thought he was dead. You touched it and the boy shouted: He was sleeping! You talked to him and you asked what he was  doing there. He told you that he was with two friends, they were in a trip and they were lost. But you asked him where his friends were, and he answered you that the night before his friends had gone to get some food and had not  returned yet. You told him that his friends were not going to return and he started crying.
You tried to calm him down but it was impossible; moreover, he started saying that he was going to die,...
You told him not to worry that both of you were going to leave there and he was going to see his friends again.
"Do you want to come with me to see if we get out?", you asked him.

-If you want the boy to stay in the cave, go to V
-If you want the boy to get out go to, go to M

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