martes, 15 de marzo de 2011

Part B. Dani .

You decided to wait until the fog went off. Then, you started to walk around the castle, but there was nobody else, or even a clue, nothing. You walked again into the forest, it was getting very dark, so you slept behind a tree.
When you woke up, you weren't in the same place. You were tied to a tree, and three tall men were watching you. You tried to untie yourself, but it was imposible. One of the men untied you, and took you to talk to 'The Leader', that was the most important person in the group. When you were standing in front of him, you ran away into the forest, the fastest you could. Five men were chasing you also very fast, but when they were going to catch you, you hid behind a hedge, and nobody saw you.
10 minutes later, you went out of your hiding place, and you walked again into the forest, where you found many animals that hide from you, the trees died when you passed them, and the green color of the forest became black. As if all the sites where you passed became dead.
A few minutes later, you found a cave.

If you want to go inside the cave, choose E

If you want to continue exploring, choose F

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