domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Part R. Sara

You got frightened, but later you realised that you didn´t have anywhere else to go, so you decided to stay in the house and spend the night there.A few minutes later you started to feel cold and bored, so you went to the kitchen to cook the dinner for that night. When you got there, suddenly, the door closed behind you, and you looked terrified as the knife began to float pointing at you; you tried to open the door but you couldn´t and when the knife was thrown at you, you hid under a table and the knife stuck in it. Then, you broke the door and got out of the kitchen; you thought that it was impossible that the knif flew with no one holding it, but you didn´t believe in ghosts so you got to the conclusion that it was your imagination, but as a precaution, you did not return to the kitchen.
Later, you went to the bathroom to brush your teeth, and there you saw that the mirror was fogged and that an invible finger was writing some words in it, that were ´YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE ADVISED YOU TO GO OUT OF THIS HOUSE!`. You got even more and more frightened as time went on, but you couldn´t get out of the house because you didn´t have anywhere else to go at that time of the night. And at 12:00 am, when you were going to sleep on the sofa because you didn´t want to occupy the room of the house owners (just in case they arrived that night). You saw a door next to the kitchen that you hadn´t seen before, it was on the right of the kitchen door and it was a little bit different from the other doors of the house.

If you want to enter into the kitchen´s right door, go to C

If you want to sleep on the sofa and forget about the door, go to S

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