miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2011


You went to the kitchen with the girl and there she gave you some cereals with milk.You started eating, but you discovered that they weren't cereals: they were worms.You closed your eyes and when you opened them again, you were back in bed and you said,

"-Thanks God, it was a dream."

You woke up again and looked through the window and you saw that it had stopped raning; now it was only cloudy and foggy.You also saw a very, very big garden with a lot of beautiful flowers, a swing in the middle and a "the last night girl" swinging on it.You quickly went downstairs to ask her where you were. When you got there, the girl was not on the swing and she scared you because she was behind a plant and you asked her,

"-Please, tell me; where am I?"

"-No you didn't give me my doll; now, these are the consequences..." she replied.

·If you want to convince the girl to buy one, go to L.
- If you don't want like dolls and you didn't buy the girl one, go to Z1·

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