martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

Part U. Rubén

When you started running to the village, your leg started to hurt,so you had to sit next to a tree to see your leg. The man that went with you  saw your leg  was bleeding again,  he put some water in the wound,and with his t-shirt  bandaged your leg. You said that you was hungry and the man also, so he went to look for something to eat. You could not go with the man because your leg hurt. The man returned with a dead boar to eat in his hands.
When the night fell, you had to sleep with the man next to a tree. When dawn came, you didn`t know where you were, and the man wasn't there, so you were lost in the black forest. You continued a path andyou saw a footprint of a horse in the floor. You followed the footprint and you heard the scream of a boy. You ran in the path and you saw hijackers with the man prisioner in a cave, and you hid behind bushes. When the hijackers went out, you went into the cave to rescue the man. The man and you ran away of this  place. You heard some voices , you hid behind the bushes and the hijackers followed the path. You saw a snake and you screamed; the man and you jumped downhill and  landed in a lake. You had pain all over your body because of the jump. You hid to watch the hijackers, they didn`t see you  and they went to the forest. You saw another path and walked along it very carefully. The next day, there was a terrible storm with a lot of wind and with a lot of rain. The next morning there were a lot of trees on the path, a rock fell, and you had to draw a lot of objects, animals , rocks... You continued in the same path and five hours and a half later, you got to the village.

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