martes, 29 de marzo de 2011

PART P Ricardo Garcia

You took the knife scared, it was really sharp.When a big voice told you:
-Can you help me to cut this apple?
-Be careful with the knife,it's very sharp.
-Yes, you've realised it.
You cut the apple and when you finished, you dropped the knife and it dropped on his foot. Then you ran away with the apple in your hands and with the scare in your body.
He went behind you with the knife in his foot.He was bleeding. Then he fell on the floor,and said ,"I will kill you!!!!"
Later you arrived at a big cliff with lava on the floor.You were thinking of a way of going out of there.You were scared because your father had told you that there were many dragons that spit fire;  the man took you.You died because he  threw you down the cliff and you died three minutes later after falling to the ground.

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