sábado, 19 de marzo de 2011

PART Q Sergio Mansilla

When you went out of the house, you started walking to the north. After twenty minutes, you saw something strange behind some trees, it was a small tortoise that had a message on the shell: "FOLLOW ME TO GET TO THE VILLAGE".You started following the tortoise; when it stopped, you went to take water but it was in the other side of a cliff, so you needed to climb it. When you got there, there was a big waterfall.
When you returned, you saw that the tortoise wasn´t there so you continued walking in the direction you were walking before. Then, you saw an easy tree to climb and when you got to the top, you saw a small village two hours away. While you were going down from the tree, a snake bit you in your right leg but you were very lucky because it wasn´t poisonous.
At night, you made a bed with leaves. When you woke up, the leg was a little bit red but you were able to walk. You saw a man that was very far away from the village and he helped you to walk. The man that was helping you touched some carnivorous plants and you started to run holding his hand. When you stopped running, you saw that your leg was bleeding so you needed to stop to rest in the shadow of a tree and drink the water you took from the waterfall. When you started walking again, you saw that the village was quite near so you started running.

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