domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

Part L.Candela

So you told her that if she gave you breakfast,and told you where you were,you were going to give her a doll ,a big and beautiful doll. "And... how will you get a doll?"She asked. "I am going to buy it- You knew that you didn´t have any money to buy it,but you lied because you wanted a breakfast and mainly you wanted to know where you were. Minutes after, you had breakfast and the girl told you, " -Now, you have to give me a new doll". "First, you have to tell me one thing, do you remember?," I replied. "NO!!I´m not going to tell you anything if you don´t give me a doll!!!",the girl said angrily because she started to think that you didn´t have any money to buy a new doll. You refused to buy a doll if she didn´t tell you where you were. The girl told you that if at midnight she didn´t have her doll, you would die. You didn´t believe her so you went to walk around the town, but before, you told her that you were going to buy a doll. You returned to the castle at about 00:30, thinking that the girl would be sleeping,and that nothing would happen to you. But you were wrong. When you were sleeping, the girl appeared in the room where you were with a knife and she stabbed you. END

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