viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2013


In this picture we can see a boy drowning,called John.He has just jumped from the ship that was going to send him and Elzevir to a farm.It was a storm so it was very difficult to going by ship.Suddenly Elzevir and John saw the Moonfleet Bay.The ship started sinking.The people that was there were terrified. Elzevir who lived his life in the sea tried to help them. Everyone except John and Elzevir wanted to get into the lifeboats. Elzevir said John that when he told him "Jump! " he should jump and get a rope thet people in the beach would throw. "Jump!"-shouted Elzevir.John jumped and got the rope. Elzevir wasn´nt as luckier as John. John got in the beach just when a big wave arrived to the beach. It dragged Elzevir to the sea. Elzevir drowned.John survived thanks to Elzevir.

I`ve choosen this picture because it represents the bravery of Elzevir. I think Elzevir was a great person because he saved the John live`s instead him`s. This is very epic and very generous.That`s why i`ve choosen this picture.This part appears in the chapter 9.

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  1. Great explanation. It is clear why you have chosen this picture and the part of the story it may illustrate. Thanks