lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013


This picture represents the part of the story when John and Elzevir accompanied by a soldier of the Carisbrooke Castle arrived to the well and John got into it to find the diamond.
In the picture we can see a boy, John, who is inside a big bucket going down into a well, John was looking downwards. When he was almost arriving at the end of the well, he found the letter "Y" written in a stone of the well, it was the symbol of the Mohunes! He took out the stone and he saw a small hole and put his fingers inside and took out a small bag. He opened it and found the diamond which was as big as a walnut.
After this, John and Elzevir had lots of problems because of the diamond, they found thieves, they had a problem with a ship... But at the end there are no problems and everything is solved.
By Andrea Gonzalez Iglesias 1ºD

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