lunes, 2 de diciembre de 2013


This picture shows the part of the book on Chapter 4 when John woke up and saw that he was in the Why Not Inn. Then Elzevir entered in the room where Jonh was and gave him some soup. First, John was very afraid because when he went to the crypt he heard the voices of Elzevir and Ratsey discussing about who was going to kill Magistrate Maskew. He became frightened but later when Elzevir told him all the truth he understood him and then Elzevir became such as a father for John.
I have chosen this picture because I quite liked to find out that there was a group of smugglers in the story. So this makes the story much  more interesting to read and I love the way Elzevir treats John when he discovered all the truth.
Published by Diego Rodríguez

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