martes, 3 de diciembre de 2013


In this picture we can see the diamond dealer, called Aldobran, that John and Elzevir chose to sell their diamond. Most of the people thought that this diamond dealer was the best but when he sees the diamond he says it´s only a piece of glass and that he could only pay 10 pounds for it.Then elzevir gets very angry because he had done a very big effort to find it and now he would only get 10 pounds for it so he threw the diamond through the window. Then John tells Elzebir that he saw in the face of Aldobran that he was lying and the diamond was very expensive. When John and Elzevir went back to the dealer´s house to recover the diamond Aldroban had already taken it. When Aldroban saw John and Elzevir he called the security and Elzevir fought bravely but then they lose the diamond.At the end when Aldroban dies the diamond goes to John and he use it to help the poor.

This happens in chapter 8.I´ve chosen this picture because I really care about the avarice of the world .

By: Sergio Martínez Rubio

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