martes, 19 de febrero de 2013

My Where I'm From poem

I am from busy afternoons                                          
and from free evenings.
From going by car at mornings
and from returning home after lunch.
I am from moving with 4 years.

I am from eating purées
and from Nesquik and Colacao.
From orange and pinneaple juice
and from sweets and chocolate.

I am from traveling
and from visiting museums.
From tasting new dishes.
From discovering new places.
I am from walking all morning
and from returning tired to the hotel.

I am from the Game Boy Color.
From being ill at Christmas
and from scratching all my body.
I am from sneezing and coughing
and from having a cold and a chicken-pox.

BY: Marcos Rocha Morales

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