martes, 19 de febrero de 2013


I am from waking up cheerfully
At an early hour in the morning,
From reading in bed at night
And submerging in imaginary worlds.

I am from playing with friends.
From busy streets, from falling leaves
That cover the ground like a giant blanket.
I am from frozen winters and golden summers.

I am from A's and B's
And from studying in the afternoon.
I am from a non-corresponded love;
From distance, heartbreak and tears.

I am from travelling across the world:
New York, Florence, Edinburgh, London, Barcelona...
I am from just one home
But, at the same time, from a lot of places.

I am from walking through the cold streets alone
Or singing happily looking at the sun.
Some call me annoying, others call me different
But, in the end, that's who I am.

                                                       Andrés Rodríguez Pérez        1ºD

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