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Where I am from poem

Where I am from poems call on their author to abandon the convetional idea of being from a geographical place on the map, and truly think about the memories, feelings, and senses that make up who we are. The poem only becomes richer and more deeply impacting as more specific images, smells, sounds populate the poem.
So, here is my Where I Am From Poem:

     I am from the smell of home-made food,
     from the taste of toasts
     I am from working,
     from playing hide-and-seek
     I am from watching TV,
     and later studying.

     I am from cold mornings,
     from going for walks
     I am from buying bread,
     from enjoying its smell.              
     I am from going to the park,
     from swinging there,
     and later falling down.

     I am from going to the beach in summer,
     from making sandcastles.
     I am from bathing in the sea,
     from lying on the sand.          
     I am from sleeping in hotels,
     from eating there,
     and later going out.

     I am from doing nothing on Saturdays,
     and doing homework on Sunday night
     I am from going to mass on Sundays,
     from visiting my grandparent on Sunday
     and later eating an appetizer.

     I am from playing football on the rain,
     from getting wetter and wetter.
     I am from playing until midnight,
     from eating simple food
     and later going to sleep.

     I am from going to my village,
     from going to the country with my grandpa
     I am fromo recolecting grapes,
     from feeling tired
     and later lying on the sofa.

I hope you liked it.


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