lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013

Briannas article

Isabel Andaluz,Guillermo and Andrea     1ºD

We are going to speak about Brianna, who is our English language assistant this year.
She´s called Brianna Smith, she´s 26 years old and her birthday is on 18th september. She´s from a city called ST.Charles located in Chicago, in the USA. she has siblings, an older brother called Nick and a younger sister called Ari. She has got  a dog too, called Guinness.

She has studied in ST.Charles North . She knows how to speak English, German and a little bit of Spanish. She played in a band of her high school, called the "Geas Band". She plays three instruments, the violin, the piano and the harp. She likes "The Beatles" , classical music, and jazz.Her favourite singer is Lisa Hannigan.

She has lived in Vienna, Austria, for 3.5 years: she was teaching English in a school.

She loves sports. Her favourite sports are tennis, frisbee, soccer, and dancing salsa.

Her favourite book is the "Pillars of the Earth". When she was young she liked fantasy books, but now she likes science fiction books.

Her favourite film is "Shawshank redemption". Her favourite actor is Tom Hanks. When she was Young, her favourite film was the "Wizard of Oz". Her brother is a comedy director; he has made a film called "Only time will tell".

Her idol is her mother.

In fact, she´s a good girl who can do a lot of things.

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