domingo, 27 de octubre de 2013

Brianna´s live
By Olga, Sergio Martinez, Jorge and Laura. 1ºD.

Our language  assistant´s name is Brianna Smith.She is from Chicago but now is living in Madrid. She is 26 years old and her birthday is on 18th September.

Brianna likes reading fiction books. When she was twelve, her favourite book was Wizard Oz. Brianna quite likes Tom Hanks and she really enjoyed Sawsank Redemption. She really likes Lisa Harrigon and her favourite band are The Beatles. She loves Mexican food and Chicago pizza. Her favourite spanish meal are ``croquetas´´ but she doesn´t try the ``paella´´ yet. Her favourite place in madrid is ``La casa de campo´´. Brianna loves music, she plays the violin, the piano and the harp. She plays the harp because it is not very common.

Brianna has an older brother called Nick and a younger sister called Ari. Brianna´s idol is her mother because she is always with her. She has two dogs, one of them is called Guiness.

She studied at St. Charles North highschool. She speaks German, English, Spanish and French. She has been teaching in Viene for three years.

She loves sports, she likes shoker, tennis, frisbee
and salsa.She prefers footboll and when she was
 younger practised a lot of sports.

Brianna is a very active person, who likes sports, music and teaching.We think she is going to be a very good language assistant and she is going to help us  to a lot improve our English .

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