martes, 11 de diciembre de 2012

A cursed diamond

Picture 088-08
This is a little village. I´ve chosen this photo because it reminds me to Moonfleet. The main character is called John, John Trechard. He lives very happy with his aunt. He also has a friend, Grace, in which John falls in love. Grace is Maskew´s daughter, a very bad man. Nobody believe that a kind girl like Grace has an evil father like Maskew. Elzevir and Ratsey are John´s friends that meet at the Why Not Inn. This book is very interesting.It´s curious that the heroes are the smugglers and the villains are the law officers.

In this adventure John wants to get Blackbeard´s diamond, which is "cursed". When he finds it, with Elzevir´s help, it causes many problems to both of them. Everybody wants that diamond, some people would kill for it...

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